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25th of april, first round :)


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Hey Everyone,


I am totally new here so bare with me if I'm not writing the right things :) I heard about the whole30 program a couple of days ago and it sounded great! Exactly what I was looking for. It didn't take me a lot of thinking before I decided to join.


Let me introduce myself a little: I am married with an amazing man and have two little boys (20 months and 2 months) I am sort of a stay-at-home-mum, having my own business on a low pit until the kids are a little older. I am currently breastfeeding and plan to do so at least as long as I did for my oldest (almost 15 months, than he weaned himself) so I hope my baby boy will get the benefits of me eating the best foods ;)


For years now I am looking for a better way to eat and better general health. I don't have any serious illnesses or weight issues, I would just like to feel better and have more energy. Some years ago I wanted to try the rawfood diet, but it didn't work for me. I didn't have the feeling that it would have been sustainable for me on the long run. After my oldest boy turned out to be lastose and gluten intolerant, I was looking for recipes to make for him. This is when I came across the paleo concept of eating and I liked it. Two days ago I've found the Whole30 program and now here I am :)


I set my starting date for a week from now. I still need to read and plan everything, but I am already very excited to join all of you on this journey!

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