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28 days...Surreal moments


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Today's day 28 for me....and I'm already looking forward to Day 30 to come and go (two....more....days), mainly because I can say to myself that I CAN make changes and I CAN complete something that I started.


And today I had a surreal moment, and by surreal I mean bizarre.


So I'm sitting on my knees teaching a most amazing math lesson with my little students hovering around me like little birds taking in the information. Okay, I was putting masking tape on the floor in the shapes of squares to teach perimeter and area, but still....I was sitting on my knees.


I couldn't sit on my knees 28 days ago. I know because I tried getting on my knees to reach for cleaner underneath my kitchen sink on Day 1. 


The one thing the comes to mind is that my knee joints and muscles in my legs feel stronger thanks to Whole30. 


With 2 more days left of Whole30, I'm debating whether to do another 30 days or make the trek with starting the suggestions of trying legumes for one day.


Until then, I'm so very thankful for Whole30 and everyone here sharing their experiences. Fridays come and I get a smile on my face when I can say "I made it!" or something like that each week.

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