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PiP's Whole60


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Here we go again!


Since my Whole30, I've been struggling with staying on track.


I'm committing today to a Whole60.  I marked it in my calendar and am posting on here to make it official (in my mind).  Tomorrow will be Day 1.

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Day 1


Woke up needing more sleep, but had trouble getting to sleep last night (this morning).  Woke up sorta late...been doing that since not eating so well, so I had a small breakfast of two eggs and a buncha kale with ghee so that I'll be hungry in time for lunch.


I have a very good feeling about this Whole60!!   :D  :D

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Day 2


Woke up after 10+ hours of sleep... Felt rested, but kind of meh.  Dreamt that I'd eaten some cookies and delayed my Whole60 a day.  These dreams happen every time.  EVERY TIME.


Planning on going to CrossFit tonight.  We shall see how that goes!  lol


Also:  My roommate has a cake sitting on the kitchen table.  Ugh.




No CrossFit tonight.  Not feeling it, plus my feet are killing me from work.  /:

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