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The sweet taste of....success!,


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Yesterday I completed my Whole 30!! Looking back to the first week, I felt so anxious about if I could give up all the necessary foods for a full 30 days. I realized that if I was so scared of not having wine for a month then that is exactly what needed to happen.

I plan on beginning reintros today. There is nothing in particular I am dying to have, but I know eventually I will want something off plan, so I want to fully to the reintroduction before I have something that would mix in the food groups.

My skin also has a glow I was not expecting. I sometimes pass by a mirror and just have to take a second to appreciate how great my more slender, glowing skin, looks. Acne has cleared up a lot also.

I would like to lose a few more inches, but this will come with time and I am not worried, or in a rush, for the first time ever! Something Melissa J. said has really struck a chord with me. I realized I had been aware of my weight since I was in 5th grade and for the first time I am ready to ditch the scale, since I am feeling so great. Who knows, I may even celebrate by smashing it. :)

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