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Good Morning Whole30!,


I made it through the weekend! An entire weekend of nothing going right, my husband and I pretty much spent the entire weekend at a friends house (who is WELL known for not being a healthy eater, nor is this friends fiance a healthier eater either).  Luckily said friends fiance took me to our grocers so we could stock her fridge with Whole30 approved foods so I wouldn't be left hungry and tempted.  I made it, not one cookie (though there were many on the table), not one beer (though their fridge was packed with them), not one chip or taste of salsa, etc. While everyone was enjoying the 'regular' food I stood fast with spinach, sweet potatoes, ground meat, and eggs.  


Today is Day 4 for me, the day of "Kill ALL of the Things" according to the timeline (and it couldn't be truer). After such a busy weekend and no time for meal prep I'm in a tizzy, luckily I have some "quick" items I was able to throw together for breakfast and lunch today.  We'll see how it all goes today, I'm hiding in my cubicle and keep pushing forward with the hours of the day :)

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