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Weak, tired, painful legs!

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Hello. Day 19. For the last week, I have experienced painful, tired leg muscles that quiver on the edge of cramping for much of the day and especially at night.

I do take 250mg. of magnesium and have for several years.

I am not dehydrated.

I eat a banana every day.

Whole30 has been good for me in some ways because I have ramped down the sugar cravings and my overall food insanity is under control but no sign of tiger energy or better fitting clothes or clearer skin (in fact, my skin is worse) or these other touted magical benefits.

And I am NOT cheating for perhaps the first time ever on any eating plan.

What gives? I will endure this for the last 11 days but I am miserable. Pilates today will be an exhausting stop and start effort while I periodically massage out the leg cramps. Maybe I need a real doctor?

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Hi charlotte,


before you started the whole 30 were you drinking a lot of diet soft drinks, or i suppose anything containing a lot of aspartame?


i gave up diet drinks back in september (was a heavy drinking 1-2L per day) and got severe leg pain and aches and restlessness resulting from it. I put it down to the aspartame and not the caffeine because i would mix up the soft drinks and not necessarily just drink coke.


Hope that helps?

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