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Day 6 - Made it through the week-end!


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I made it throught the weekend! With the help of some really delicious meals, including grilled steak and veggies - I was able to make it through the weekend and tolerate the wine cravings. Today I feel very proud of myself for sticking to it. The nuts and fruit sides help alot. They have been my "go to" this weekend when I started feeling like I needed something to satisfy my sweet/salty craving. I found an awesome flaked coconut at Whole Foods (unsweetened), very delicious by itself or mixed with raw almonds for a quick treat. I am in love with La Croix! It made the Saturday evening much better, since I couldn't have a glass of wine. A little squeezed lime and it was very festive.

I am feeling much better today. Saturday morning I felt like a hangover, even though I hadn't had a thing to drink, so I am hoping this is a sign that I am close to entering the phase where you feel more energetic and sleep like a baby.

Gym today - treadmill and weights!

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