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Day 13!!!


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Haven't been on since day 8! Buuuut not to worry, I'm still holding strong at day 13.  My poor poor husband, just when I think I have my sugar cravings under control, the sugar dragon rears her ugly head making me irritable towards all things.  Luckily this phase passes quickly and it lasts about 10-30 minutes.  I no longer miss soda, and milk isn't even on my radar any more (except when I see things like paleo friendly klondike bars), the bread cravings are subsiding and I find I don't miss toast, pancakes, or dinner rolls as much.  My friends and family seem to accept the fact that I am a total pain the rear when we go out to eat because I will question every little thing in a meal that seems "ok" but want to make sure :) needless to say I go last when ordering and typically make about 5 to 6 changes when it comes to ordering a meal that is 100% whole30 approved :D  This experience thus far has rocked my world but it's been for the better :)

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