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Today Begins My Second Week


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I began W30 on May 17, so today is the beginning of my 2nd week. Here are my observations:


1. I do not miss cream in my coffee at all (HUGE SURPRISE :rolleyes:. This is no exaggeration. I had genuine anxiety that I really needed to put cream in my coffee. I do not.)

2. I sometimes REALLY want to chew gum, but the feeling passes quickly. This is something I hope I retain after the W30 is over. What a waste of money.

3. I had a near miss with the weighing this morning but resisted and feeling passed.

4. I have gotten to love almond butter a little too much, it's becoming a bit "SWYPO", so I'm not buying another jar when this one is finished.

5. I am feeling proud of being disciplined in my shopping and eating habits.

6. I am getting tired of having to be creative with cooking, and I'm finding cooking vegetables a bit of a stressor.

7. Maybe the most surprising thing is that I don't miss the foods that are not allowed at all. But I am becoming a little bit too in love with the ones I am allowed so.....


In my upcoming second week I am going to simplify my eating habits. Knowing the way I react, I'll probably go back to being "creative" in the 3rd week.

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