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  1. GlennR


    Share the recipe?
  2. GlennR

    Which alcohol to try with re-intro

    Just a reminder: as with any reintroduction, be sure to have the thing you are reintroducing at every meal. (Sample reintro for alcohol: mimosa with breakfast, beer with lunch, wine with dinner.)
  3. GlennR

    Your 2 Favorite/most used Condiments?

    Mango avocado salsa (recipe from Nomnom). Simple balsamic dressing (EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper).
  4. GlennR

    Cauliflower Tortillas

    Ooh, here's what we should call it: a veggie fritter.
  5. GlennR

    Cauliflower Tortillas

    Oh, God. This is just cauliflower and eggs. Call it a hash or an omelet or a frittata or an egg fu yung instead and call it a day. I say this is fine.
  6. GlennR

    Crazy Person's Whole30

    "Beef shin"? That's not a typo? Is that like beef shanks?
  7. GlennR

    Help! Need recipes using lots of onions

    Oh, and also NomNom's slow cooker chicken with gravy. Bonus: you get a lot of leftover gravy.
  8. GlennR

    Help! Need recipes using lots of onions

    Bistek Tagalog (Filipino beef steak). Recipe was from before they legalized potatoes, so you can use potatoes now. Maybe also liver and onions? (I hate liver, so I don't have a recipe to share.)
  9. GlennR

    Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    *Shrug.* What this is telling me is that the rules will have to evolve as Whole30 expands further out into the world. Whole30 was formed largely as a response to the Standard American Diet, and some of its rules are therefore parochial to this culture -- but SAD is not the way most of the world eats. So issues like this will keep cropping up the more Whole30 goes international, and the guidelines will have to be more adaptable if Whole30 is to thrive. My $.02.
  10. GlennR

    Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    Okay, this one I don't get. This isn't a faux tortilla that was made compliant. It's its own thing, a traditional food already made of compliant ingredients. There's no danger it will tempt or lead you to something else. It's similar to questions I have about other non-Western foods that Whole30 might disallow -- like the Ethiopian kabalagala, which would probably also be forbidden because it's pancake-like or pastry-like. But this is a traditional food (often made with compliant ingredients) that is not trying to be anything else. Seems to me issues of SWYPO don't apply. Mightn't some allowance be made in such cases?
  11. I don't have the Whole30 book. Is this just refrigerating coco milk and skimming off the cream on top? If so, I just toss the water.
  12. GlennR

    Salsa and sardines

    For a moment there I thought this was a new and offbeat -- but intriguing -- recipe.
  13. GlennR

    New Lara Bars

    How I imagine the thought process usually goes: "Mmm. Larabars. Better get a bunch in case I have a food emergency." Later: "Oh, no! A food emergency! Good thing I bought those larabars!"
  14. GlennR

    Tuna without soy?

    Actually, the best way to find stuff is to Google "Whole30 + topic." Good luck with the next 27 days.