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Day 31 is fast approaching....


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Alright today is day 26 for me. Have been cruising along the the last week or so. I haven't hit Tiger's blood or any special fountain of youth but I do feel better overall. I think my sleep is better so that's a plus. I don't fall asleep on the train home like before so that shows some form of increased energy. My main goal was to kick diet soda and I feel like that was/is accomplished since I don't even have an inkling to have one.


I'm 200% sick of having to try and explain what I'm doing to people. Along that line I'm also sick of people asking me how my diet is going or when am I going to loosen up my diet. I think I tried to make someone's head explode today with the stare of death after they asked for the 1000th time how my "little diet thing is going." Huh, okay I guess I just had a little late spill of "Hate all Things" again. Sorry let me get back on track...


I got to thinking about Day 31. Which is right around the corner and started thinking of all the things that I would want to eat. Then I think I might have felt a small patch of guilt for planning what I was going to have on day 31.


I feel like I want to have something like a nice pour of bourbon or a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of pizza(funny side note: 20 days ago I couldn't wait to eat lots of pizza and now I will be content with a slice). I also don't want to undo all the good( I think there is good things happening inside that I'm not aware of or at least that's what I keep telling myself) I've done.


So what did other people do on day 31. I mean overall I know I'm going to stick pretty close to Whole30 way of eating since I'm pretty comfortable with it and enjoy most of the food I've had but I'm curious what other people did when they hit day 31.

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Have you read It Starts with Food? There's a great reintroduction schedule in there that helps you add foods/food groups in one at a time, so you can see how they affect you individually. For example, if you start with dairy, you'd have maybe a latte at breakfast, cheese at lunch and ice cream after dinner, keeping everything else compliant. Then you eat Whole30-compliant for the next couple of days. The reason for Whole30-compliance aside from that one day of dairy is that it lets you see how dairy really makes you feel, and sometimes symptoms take some time to show up (maybe you don't have stomach issues, but you find out that dairy makes you break out the next day, or something like that).


The reintro schedule has the added benefit of not letting you completely go off the rails on day 31! :)

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