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Experiences with EFT?

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Has anyone tried (and had success with) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?


I stumbled across it a few days ago. I'm usually very sceptic (mildly put) concerning everything "esoteric" but maybe just desperate enough to give it a try.


More specifically: for my chewing gum "addiction". It's ridiculous, I go through at least two packs a day (!) and I go full junkie when I run out and need to get some more immediately. Like, it's not an option, I feel like I don't have a choice, it's mental.

And yes, I know what poisonous crap I'm chewing on there. Addictions/habits are such a bitch.


May the power of the Whole30 be with me.


Ah, sorry, I digressed. EFT experiences anyone? :)

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