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Whole30 Round 1 done!


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My whole30 started a bit spontaneously, I had been reading about it for months and decided one Sunday morning I was ready to start (after a week of eating junky while family was visiting!). 

It was a great decision and I'm so happy and proud that I finished. 

Here are my results- 


12 pounds lost!


Waist- 28 3/4"/27 3/4"

Hips- 39 1/2"/36"


What I've learned:

-Surprisingly, if I had to, I could eat eggs this morning! (but I will probably eat a banana)

-A huge breakfast makes every day so much better. I don't need to snack, don't have to hurry on making lunch... sometimes it's the hardest time of day to spend a lot of time or effort in the kitchen but the pay off is worth it. 

-Meal planning is essential. Without it I spent too much money at the grocery store, extra time in the kitchen and had some weird, not great meals.

-Make extra food leftovers whenever possible to eat for lunch or breakfast and double a recipe to freeze more often!

-It's not that hard to adapt favorite recipes to fit whole30- Some of my favorite (pre-adapted) included: broccoli parmesan fritters, Eggplant Rollatini, Marcela Hazan's tomato sauce (just use clarified butter!!), sweet potato gnocchi, eggplant with tahini sauce, and carrot raisin salad. 

-My husband (who is not doing this with me) will happily eat pretty much everything, which is so awesome. However, we are both weary of cauliflower. 

-Sometimes when I crave a snack, I'm actually craving a break. So now, I make myself a cup of tea, occupy my baby with something, and take a few minutes to relax. Tea is great cause you need to let it cool a bit so you can't rush it... 

-This has been consuming in the best possible way- I love the forums, I love my friends on Instagram (get on there if you're not! What a great community!), and since I've been chattering to my mom about it for 33 days, she and my dad are starting on Monday, so I'm starting my round 2 with them!



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