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1st Time Start Date - June 23rd from Portland!


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Hi All,


Started basic Paleo about two weeks ago, but going for the gusto and starting the whole30 on Monday (June 23rd). In a new apartment and thrown out all the bad food before I moved, so it's great timing for me.


Really looking to embrace all the awesome produce the Pacific NW has to offer and becoming an actual cook rather than living off the microwave and restaurants.


Encouraged with the stories I have read. Hoping to see a change in my overall health - mind, body and spirit.




- GG

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Day 6 today, feeling good. Much lighter feeling, head clear and sleeping/waking much better.


Curveball yesterday-last minute work related dinner out. Nice restaurant so I was able to get ribeye, brocollini and brussel sprouts for dinner. It was hard to resist all the drinks and appetizers, bread, dessert, etc, but I was happy to walk out of the restaurant feeling satisfied, rather than waddle out feeling overly full and bloated. I drank as much water as others drank alcohol so that filled me up too, lol. 


How are you all doing?

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