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Another Whole30


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Hey all! This is my second go at the whole30. My first ended at day 28 with me feeling cocky and self righteous. I continued on eating mostly whole30 approved with the odd stray, and slowly but surely ended up back on the sugar train.


I am back and more deteremined than ever to slay the dragon, I realzied now how very hooked I am and would really love to stop the cravings for crappy sugar laden treats. I felt so good during my first attempt and I want to feel god again.


I am also a recovering alcoholic (sober just over 10 months) and sugar is absoltely, positively harder to quit than alcohol! Cudos to those that have slayed the sugar dragon.


When talking about my addiction, it is helpful to think of it as an "alcoholic voice", and so I plan to treat my sugar-holic voice the same way.


I am day 1 right now, woo hoo!



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