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Say's Whole30


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Day 1:

Totally failed at remembering to buy a cheese cloth yesterday when I went shopping in order to make clarified butter... And so today is a day of cooking with olive oil. I'll probably run by the store after work.

Anyways, I'm just a student hoping to turn my health around and establish good eating/food habits before heading back to school in the fall. Not having to cook for the past academic year is definitely very obvious in my attempts to make meals. Anyways, here's to hoping that my cooking improves and that smell of burned onions will clear out before my roommate wakes up.


Scrambled eggs with kale, onion, and roast beef.


Somewhat botched version of nomnom's chicken curry (probably the olive oil...or maybe the fact that the store only had light coconut oil) with chicken, broccoli, and carrots over salad/spring mix and spinach.


Red Thai curry (with chicken, broccoli, carrots, and spinach) with cauliflower rice


five prunes.

Success of the day: yay for making it through day one without much of a challenge

Thing to work on: stop snacking so much when cooking food.

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Day 2

Breakfast: sweet potato has and 2 fried eggs

Lunch: leftover curry over a salad/spring mix and spinach

Dinner: Zoodles with tomato sauce and chicken

Ended up unintentionally working out pretty hard so ended up eating some more chicken and sweet potato hash as a post wo meal

Success of the day: discovering Zoodles + tomato sauce (next to try it with meatballs)

Thing to work on: fats, dunno if I'm eating enough of them. Right now it's almost exclusively coming from the cooking oil (olive oil at the moment... In the process of procuring clarified butter). So work on incorporating other forms of fat in my diet.

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Day 3


Today was not so great.  I shall blame "the hangover" (as titled per the timeline). 


Breakfast: scrambeled eggs with kale, roast beef, and onion


Lunch: nomnom's Asian meatballs (far too many,probably around 10 or 11... but to be fair they were all about 1tbsp??) , zoodles with tomato sauce, and 1 granny smith apple


Snacking: more meatballs


Dinner: leftover sweet potato hash, zoodles with tomato sauce, another 5 or 6 meatballs, 8 or so prunes, and 2 apples.


My tummy was not too pleased with me after that array of foodstuff


Success of the day: found ghee at Trader Joes!!

Thing to work on:  I've still yet to make something super delicious, you know that one thing that sets off the "if every meal I ate was this good, the next 27 days would be a breeze."  This is in part to blame my poor cooking skills.  I always considered baking my better talent *sigh.*

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Day 4 - 7


So I spent the weekend with some friends (they also happened to be Paleo, so it made the food aspect easier). 


The good: I managed 2 social gatherings while maintaining Whole30 rules.  Plus we went out for brunch yesterday morning, and I also successfully was able to manage the menu.  (To be fair it was brunch, so getting an omelete was pretty easy).


The not so good: Since both these social gatherings were focused on food, and the only Whole30 complient foods available was fruit... I ate A LOT of fruit over the weekend.  I can definitely tell my stomach was not too happy with that much sugar.  Also, my friends, although they meant well, also introduced me to the junk food of Whole30: Larabars.  *sigh*  Needless to say, for the rest of my Whole30 I hope to avoid (1) overconsuming fruit as I have in these past few days (maybe limiting it to one serving of fruit per day at the most), and (2) staying away from "junk food" that puts me back into a binge eating state of mind.



Day 4

Breakfast: sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs

Lunch: Ginger beef with broccoli, bell peppers, and cauliflower rice

Dinner: fruit... some chicken (?).  Honestly this day was kind of crazy and most of what I ate was scattered across the afternoon/evening.


Day 5

Breakfast: scrambeled eggs with onion, spinach, and roast beef... then lots of watermelon and strawberries

Dinner: Ginger beef with broccoli, bell peppers in a lettuce wrap... granny smith apple

Snacks: almonds, larabar



Day 6

Brunch: omelete with broccoli, grilled chicken, and spinach

Snacks: toasted cashews

Dinner: Yellow curry with chicken, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, snow peas with zucchini noodles

Dessert: raspberries and mangoes


Day 7

Breakfast: sweet potato hash with 1 fried egg

Lunch: zucchini noodles with tomato sauce and chicken, 1 larabar

Dinner: moroccan meatballs with roasted cauliflower and broccoli, 1 larabar



Successes: yay for getting through 1 party, 1 Fourth of July brunch, and a restaurant expedition successfully.

Thing to work on: less fruit, less snacking in general, fewer larabars

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Dunno how your fat content goal is going but I have found that hitting the right amount of fat, per the template, is crucial in reducing the urge to snack... My first four days I felt like I was constantly hungry and I snacked a lot but I wasn't adding enough fat to my meals. When I changed that - the snacking urge went way down! Best of luck on your journey!!

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