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I wasn't planning to start my own log. Then I realized I really should keep track of my food intake. A major reason I am doing the Whole30 is to detox and then try to figure out why I have digestive distress so often. I welcome feedback on my food choices etc! I listed my day 1 menu in the "July 1 support thread" and GFChris has some great comments. Actually tomorrow is technically Day One but I "ate compliant" today too. When I'm not on my iphone maybe I will copy and paste my day 1 menu into my log. For now I just note that I had significant bloating after dinner. Whassup with that?!! I might know the answer: increased my veggie intake today over yesterday (pre-Whole30) so it could have been the extra fiber. We'll see how my system adjusts in the next few days. :)

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Turns out yesterday didn't really count.  It was technically Day 0, which is a good thing, because by mistake I used a coconut oil that contains soy lecithin.  One of the moderators pointed out that this caused a fail.  So today is Day 1.  Here is what I ate:

M1 (8:30am): one egg and spinach fried in sustainably farmed, organic palm oil; green tea with peppermint

M2 (11am): one banana; a small amount of hazelnuts and almonds, raw

M3 (3pm): a pear; chocolate chili; cauliflower soup

M4 (6:30pm): mixed greens with lemon and oliver oil; steak; sweet potato fries


I know I should be eating only three meals, but I find that if I eat more than a certain amount at any given meal, I get really bloated.  Is it okay to eat 4 smaller meals until my gut heals?  I also know that I could get more fat into each meal.  Perhaps that would help?

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It's Day 29, and only my second post.  Guess I didn't do too well with the whole blogging thing!  But I am happy to report that I am about to complete the Whole30.  I've been silent (blog-wise), but very busy doing 30 days (okay, 29 so far) of gluten-free, added-sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free eating.  I am thinking about what to do next.  I definitely will keep up the same diet -- there is no going back -- but with a homemade, healthful gluten-free dessert treat now and then.  I think I will restrict my nut intake -- i discovered cashews really hurt my stomach.  I am going to try to limit my fruit intake also; i definitely had some over-indulgence in fruit going on.


I am considering the following for my next 30-day challenge: taking my (holistic) doctor-recommended supplements for 30 days straight (haven't been good about that) and maybe 10 minutes of yoga every day and maybe 10 minutes of meditation (i have experience with both yoga and meditation but have been very inconsistent).  I don't want to take on too much at once.  We'll see.


More later (maybe!).

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