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Bye-bye bloating!

little mighty

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Day 6 of my W30 and the bloating I set out to conquer has already gotten SO. MUCH. BETTER!!!

I feel like the main culprit was - surprise, surprise - SUGAR. I never realized how much sweet food I was eating until I had to cut it all out! Especially after meals - the urge to consume something sweet at that point was present after every meal - even breakfast, which was usually comprised of fruit anyway! I kept telling myself that it was okay because it wasn't processed sugar I was eating, but dates and "less processed" sweeteners like maple syrup (I'd make my own energy bars/balls, etc.); when in fact, the concentrated sugar combined with savoury foods was wreaking havoc on my digestion, and don't even get me started on the psychological addiction!

It's been REALLY tough to not give in to those cravings, especially when I'm stressed. But the strength, calm, and peace of mind I feel when I am able to resist the sugar demon and nourish myself with food and activities that make me TRULY feel good - now, and in the long run - is better than any temporary sugar fix  :D 

Another thing: I have struggled with severe anorexia in the past, and the W30 way of eating has already helped me to break away from even more remaining vestiges of that illness that I didn't even know existed! 

These two victories are related in that my main focus and insecurity when I was sick was my stomach, which was always distended. All I've ever wanted is that flat stomach that I see even on "overweight" people (not asking for 6-pack abs, here - though that would be nice! - just a "normal"-looking stomach rather than a "pregnant" one!). I'm only on Day 6, but already I notice a difference in both the look and feel (less pressure, more relaxed) of my tummy.

Lastly, I've noticed less inflammation - I look and appear less "puffy". Again, I was all, "I eat mostly whole foods, what could be the problem?!" Well, honey (pun intended), addiction is still addiction if you feel like you NEED it, regardless of the substance you're using to fill that void. Let's just say that Medjool dates are my gateway drug  ;) 

Next step - cutting out bananas, as I've realized they've become the new dates  <_<


WOoT! Looking forward to 24 more days of looking and feeling awesome!

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