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Started AP Style June 20th Photo Journal Day 1-10: Healing Facial Breakout


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Hi Everyone,


My name is Kristianna. Nice to meet you.  I started my very first Whole 30 on June 20th.  I have had to do the Autoimmune protocol to assist me with healing my gut, reducing the inflammation, and trying to clear my facial breakouts.  I am not new to limited eating plans but lately I have lacked the discipline to stick to eating only the foods I know will support me.  I also am dealing with a candida albicans issue which makes this even more limiting for me.  The tough love discipline that is given through Whole 30 has done wonders for me regarding eliminating the foods that trigger negative responses in my body.  That is why I chose to sign up for the supportive and educational e-mails.  I have all my PDF's up on my fridge and read them every morning, afternoon, and evening.  I am sharing in digest form once a week on my blog about my experience and what is happening mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I decided to be bold and also take photos of my face on Day 0 and about every 3-4 days.  I created my first Whole 30 photo diary post and realized just how powerful photos are.  I can yammer on and on about how eating gluten and legumes and grains affect my gut and in turn that inflames my face.  I can share how working the Whole 30 program has assisted me in getting through the first couple weeks of adjusting to a new way of eating and being a support for the physiological shifts they know happen.  That is all well and good but even for myself when I look at the photos that is what speaks to me.  That is the proof I need that this is doing something.


I am on Day 15 now and took another photo which will be put into my second week blog post.  I can't say that my face is miraculously cleared.  It is not.  It is slowly calming down and healing.  On Day 0 I was walking around with tissues in my pocket stained with blood because the sores on my face would bleed from me unconsciously picking,  I know it sounds gross.  Trust me.  I have to deal with this. 


I am also dealing with energy issues.  I thought by Day 15 I would have a great burst of energy but in fact its the opposite.  I do have to take into account that I am dealing with candida cleansing also and that is taking an extra amount of my bodys energy.  I also have not felt well and have not been able to exercise so I understand I have to generate energy that way.


I am including a link to my blog post to share the photos I was talking about.  Its not like I love showing myself off with no make up a face that looks like I have Ckn Px.  I'm sharing because its taken alot these past 15 days to be able to look at my face and see it clearing and not have it look like Day 0.  Ive just been going on the Whole 30 guidelines.  If anyone else is out there dealing with skin issues that have not been able to be cleared by other means take some time and read.  Its nothing spectacular but its some experience and hope.



Apologies if blog posts are not allowed.  Im not trying to promote anything I just wanted to share my journey so far.  I'll be happy to remove it if need be.


I would love to hear from anyone who has is also dealing with inflamed gut, skin issues, etc and who have had success healing.








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