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How to respond to the "oh it's Atkins/south beach"


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Perhaps this was covered somewhere before, but I don't have a ton of experience with Atkins or Southbeach but my Mother in law who has tried every diet for a week needs further explanation on how it's different. I'm assuming this is more of a lifestyle change for your overall health and gut and weightloss is typically an added bonus, but since I know little about those "other" ones, help me out please : )

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Take a look at these threads for some possible responses on Whole30 vs. Atkins: 



Here's an article that compares Whole30 and Atkins: http://www.aspireswellness.com/blog/paleo-vs-whole-30-vs-atkins/


I did South Beach years ago, and it's not Whole30. It's a plan done in phases. In the first phase (two weeks), no fruit (Whole30 allows fruit). They also allow artificial sweetener, dairy, legumes and grains (Whole30 doesn't allow any of these items). They allow 'dessert', where Whole30 discourages that practice.


And yes, Whole30 is designed as a nutritional reset: an elimination diet to change your relationship with food and discover which food groups, if any, bother you physically or psychologically, so you can decide how you want to eat going forward.

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