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Whole60 Started 7/14 Log


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Ok, I"m starting my log of my Whole60 -- I already completed a Whole30 which ended in early June 2014.  Then I went on vacation.  Overall, I did feel better following the Whole30 guidelines.  I did not get the body results I was looking for.  I read all of these success stories about people losing significant amounts of weight and size in 30 days.  That is what I wanted for myself too.  


After a lot of reflection -- I went on a 10 day, 3760 mile motorcycle trip for vacation which gave me a lot of time to think -- I realized that I didn't get the results I wanted for a few reasons.


1.  I was unrealistic with my end goal.

2.  30 days was not enough time to undo 43 years of bad eating habits including about 15 years of moderate to heavy drinking (which I did stop about 6 years ago).

3.  I did not cheat last time, but I also was not THAT attentive to making sure I had a good balance of the right foods in my diet.  I know fat is not the enemy, but still, I may have overdone it.  Love love love the paleo mayo....  :-)

4.  I did not exercise regularly.

5.  I did not drink enough water and drank too much coffee.

6.  I only weighed myself but I did not measure myself at the start of the last one.


So, my plan is simple for this whole60....


1.  Log my food this time -- for the ONLY purpose of making sure I am getting enough veggies, not too much starch and making sure the sugar dragon is not catered to.

2.  Exercise.

3.  Weigh AND measure myself today and then after 60 days.

4.  Focus on how I feel, do what I need to do to feel GREAT!.


My food log for the day will come tonight.





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It takes a lot to be honest with yourself and see what you could improve on! Good job! I think I"ll do this for myself too! I did a Whole 30 in March with moderate results. Much like you, my results weren't stellar but I could have done things better. I've been exercising more already and am going to continue (what I didn't do my first W30) and definitely watching my fruit, nut, Larabar and coffee intake, eek. Good luck to you!

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Day 1 (yesterday)

B: yellow squash, onions, green beans, sweet potato cooked in ghee.  3 eggs.  coffee

L:  mixed salad greens, tomatos, jicama, salmon.  Water

D:  Asian meatballs (from nomnompaleo.com - FABULOUS!!!), spaghetti squash, green beans & onions cooked in ghee

Snack:  banana w/ about 1/2 cup of lite coconut milk (only because that is all they had at the store!  its basically watered down coconut milk.  NOT as good).

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Day 2 (today)

B: yellow squash, onions, green beans, sweet potato cooked in ghee, 3 eggs. coffee

L: lettuce, spinach, broccoli slaw, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, tuna, avacado.  water.

Snack:  banana

snack (again after work -- was SO hungry!):  handful of cashews

D:  roasted chicken (from nomnompaleo.com -- check her site out!!!), gravy (from same recipe so good!), spaghetti squash, and spinach, onions and brocolli slaw cooked in ghee.  water.

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Day 3 (7/16)

B: onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli slaw and leftover chicken cooked in ghee, 2 eggs, coffee.

L: brocolli slaw, spaghetti squash, onions, chicken, gravy (compliant!) cooked in ghee

S:  iced coffee w/ lite coconut milk

D: mexican beef cubes stew (from nomnompaleo.com), cole slaw (from nomnompaleo.com), lettuce, homemade guacamole


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Day 4 (7/17)


B: onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli slaw, green beans cooked in ghee.  3 eggs.  paleo mayo. coffee.

L: spaghetti squash, mexican beef, cole slaw spinach.  Water

S:  1/2 handful of cashews

D:  grilled pork chop, sweet potatoes (cubed) cooked in ghee, cole slaw.

Kombucha (1 bottle)

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Day 5 (7/18)


B: onions, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, green beans cooked in ghee.  3 eggs.  paleo mayo.  coffee.

L: salad greens, jicama, tomatos, cucumbers, salmon

D: cole slaw, mexican beef, sweet potatos in ghee

S(s):  almonds, kombucha, blackberries with coconut milk, almonds.  Tbsp of almond butter.


Sure feels like I paid for neglecting the fat component of my lunch.

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Day 6 (7/19)

b: veggies in ghee, eggs.  coffee.

L:  mexican beef.  veggies in ghee.

S:  banana w/ coconut milk

S:  iced coffee w/ coconut milk

D:  hamburger w/ onions.  sweet potato.  broccoli slaw w/ paleo mayo.

S;  handful of almonds.


probably too much fat this day.  also too much snacking.  Did not keep self busy enough and probably not hydrated enough.

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Day 7 (7/20) 

B:  carrots, peppers, onions, yellow squash, sweet potato, spinach in cocnut oil.  3 eggs.  coffee w/ coconut milk.

L: hamburger, onions, veggies.  water

S:  blackberries w/ coconut milk.  iced coffee w/ coconut milk.

D: Steak, spaghetti squash, compliant gravy, green beans.

S: almonds.  cashews.


again, boredom trouble or something.  Also felt very tired.

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Day 9 (7/22)

B: eggs, broccoli slaw, sweet potatoes, onions, bell peppers, ghee.  Coffee.

L: salad w/ veggies, vinegar & oil.  Chicken breast.  Water

S: baby food thing

D:  veggies, pork, ghee

S: kombucha

S: blueberries, almonds, coconut milk.  small bite of chicken.


UGH.  Gotta get away from snacking!

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Day 11 (7/24)

B:  eggs, veggies, ghee, paleo mayo.  Coffee.

L: pork, broccoli slaw, onions, butternut squash, ghee, buffalo hot sauce.  Kombucha

D:  ??  I know it was compliant but I fell behind on my logging!

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Day 12 (7/25)

B:  veggies, ghee, eggs, paleo mayo

L: asian meatballs, veggies, guac

S: banana coconut milk almonds

D: wow, don't know why I can't remember.  It was compliant though.  

S:  kombucha, larabar.


Need to have less of my snacks or change them somehow to include protein.  :-(

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