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PCOS, W30, and Paragard


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I know I am asking a lot (!!!), but is anyone else dealing with PCOS, doing W30, and on Paragard? I am new to pcos, new to W30, and new to Paragard...... lots of changes. So I am looking for a buddy! 


I have lots of questions (of course I have already asked a doctor, but it's always nice to get normal people's opinions), but this one has been really bugging me! 


- What are your thoughts on taking Pamprin/Midol while on W30?? I am new to my IUD (Paragard) and have been having cramps, which are normal (But coming off of HBC I am not used to them!), but I didn't know if I can have Pamprin/Midol/Advil, etc, or if there is something better? My doc is awesome and wanted me off HBC after 5 years of complications on the pill, and finally figuring out I had pcos. Yay! 


Thank you for any help anyone has! Thanks. 



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If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had the Paragard?  I have had one for several years and found the cramping issues got much better after the first few months.  I've also found that, at least for me, the cleaner I eat the less I get PMS type issues, so hopefully a whole30 will help with that.  (I likely have PCOS, but the doc who "tested" for it didn't actually test anything relevant).


To get to your question, I don't think there would be a problem with taking something for the cramps if needed.  I'm not exactly a Whole30 expert, but I don't think anything in the rules would prohibit using a pain reliever if needed.

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