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Started July 12, 2014


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Hello!  Family of 6 started our whole 30 on July 12.  My youngest son was what led me here.  Simply put - His tummy issues meant he couldnt make it to the bathroom on time.  At first I thought he was a lazy potty trainer.  But it contiued even as he started Kindergarten.  He would have rashes pop up for no reason; he calls them his 'itchies'.  He would scratch in his sleep.  These would turn into open wounds that took weeks to heal.  After chatting with a friend about my son, she thought it sounded like a food intolerance and told me about Paleo eating.  I bought the cookbook Well Fed (awesome, btw) and we pulled the offending foods out of our diet for 2 weeks.  I hadn't read It Starts With Food yet, so we were cheating occassionally with cream in our coffee and a pizza night in the middle of the 2 weeks.  My son's issues were gone in 3 days of starting our diet change.  Our pallets  changed.  The pizza we all thought we wanted so badly tasted horrible.  After one piece (ONE PIECE!) I felt bad; over-full and bloated.  My kids, that had been chanting, "PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!" Only ate a few pieces each (the 15 and 13 year olds could dessimate a Large by themselves) and said, "Mawmmyy.... my tummy huuuurrrrts!" LOL!  I couldn't believe it. Another friend, who was reading It Starts With Food asked how our 2 weeks went.  I told her of the pallet changes and how awful we felt after cheating.  She was amazed because I validated all that she was reading... so it was kinda like a blind trial.  She decided to change her vegetarian lifestyle and start her whole 30.  She dropped 30 lbs.


Now: Our Whole30


So I finally bought and readThrough the complaints and obstacles of changing our diet so radically (I'm not sure my kids like me anymore), we have stayed compliant to the program.  I say that... we are food compliant.  We did hop on the scales... mostly so I could have actual data to show my husband and kids that how we are eating really is changing our bodies.


Hubby: down 10 lbs

Me:  down 8 lbs


I am anxiously waiting for my joint pain to go away.  I'm sure it will.  I am anxiously waiting for my husband's "Hangry" bursts to go away (please Lord!!!).  Interestingly, my husband's snoring (which the kids could hear through our closed door... and all the way to the kitchen) all but stopped.  Which is great!!! He sleeps so much better (and so do I!!!).


As for my youngest son: Makes it to the potty in plenty of time, his 'itchies' are nonexistent, his wounds heal quickly, and he LOVES how we are eating.  It seems his body was craving the fix to his issues.


Two more weeks to go...

Nickie Black

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Welcome! Congratulations on the non-scale victories your son and husband have experienced so far.


Please please please hide the scale for the rest of your Whole30. :) Focus instead on the other changes you notice as you go through the program.

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