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Hi everyone,

My name is Marion, 57 yrs and living in Amsterdam. I start the Whole30 tomorrow and already joined the 1 August start group.

I travel a few times a year (will be going to Milan, Dubai and the Canary Islands this year).

I started with Paleo just a few weeks ago but this is even a better start I guess.

Are there more European starting soon or just started? Maybe we can excange local tips (restaurants, groceries, shopping etc).

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We are Americans stationed in Europe. We are actually in Germany though, on the border of NL and BE. My husband and I are starting on 1 August as well. 

Today I am heading to the market and stocking up on veggies and meats (they may not all be organic, but most / all of them are better than the items we can get on the nearby military base).

*We do have some dutch train tickets to use before the end of August. I think we'll use it to take the kids somewhere. We'll visit Amsterdam AFTER we finish the Whole30!

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Hi Jaime,

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, have you ever been there? Lots of organic shops and markets too. For meat I go to a farm just outside of Amsterdam and I go to the farmers market of I order online at the organic farmers cooperation.

I will do the Whole30 but when I finished it I will continue with Paleo.

Good luck with your start.

And if you like tips for your visit to Amsterdam just let me know.

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