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My first whole 30 done!


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Yay, today is day 31!  The thought of this was daunting.  I ate fairly clean before but this winter had been tough because it was so cold here, I got lazy and so did my eating so after not having much luck on my own losing the pounds I'd gained over winter, I decided to dive into whole 30.  I spent about a week doing my research, reading the book, devising my meals, grocery shopping and journaling through the whole thing.


And you know what, it got easy!  So easy that I'm like why do I ever want to go back.


#1 thing for me, my allergies are no more.  Not to figure out what triggers those, but i'm assuming wheat/gluten. 


I sleep amazingly unless my 4 year old is in bed with me, lol.


I've lost 7.9 pounds and inches!  4.5 inches total which may not seem like a ton, but 1/2 from each arm, 3/4 from each thigh, 1.25 from my waist and I was only showing 1/4 from my hips but I think it's more, then 1/2 from my chest. 


I do plan on doing some reintro's.  Clean worked for me pretty well but I do still have about 15 more pounds till i'm at my ideal weight.  We are leaving for vacation on Saturday and instead of going crazy i'm just going to stick to whole 30 on vacation and have the occasional glass of wine or bourbon while at the beach and then work on possible reintros when I get back.  Greek yogurt, blue cheese, feta and parm are what I miss more than anything.  honey as well and then i'll test out grains, if it's gluten or what that is messing with my allergies.


i'm probably not your typical whole30'er because I deliberately did not seek out grass-fed or organic produce.  I'm all about removing processed food, but I think it's eating "real" food regardless of if it's organic or not.  There are some things that I have to buy organic such as the sesame seed butter and it drives me insane that food companies can't make minimally processed foods with non-organic produce/fruit/nuts/etc.  But whatever, it's all of figuring out what works for you, what's available to you and what you can afford.  Fresh is better than processed regardless.


I'm hoping in 2 more months I can come back and say all is still going strong and I'm at or pretty darn close to my goal weight and still feeling great and avoiding my fall allergies.

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