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Badwolf's Whole30 Log


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The following is just a copy (with one adjustment) from my recent Whole60 attempt.  After a recent relapse, I decided to start with a Whole30 and go from there.





Day 1



I've done a few Whole30s now with great results, but really, really, really have trouble staying on track.  In April (and about a week ago), I tried for a Whole60 (but it didn't work out), because I feel that's what I need to get to where I want to be.  And where do I want to be?  Well, far, far away from the Sugar Dragon and in a better mental state.  I've struggled with sugar issues and depression for most of my life and have felt best when eating/living a Whole9 lifestyle.  I'm going to be turning 28 soon and would like to get my sugar issues figured out before I'm 30 (Especially since they've been seriously affecting my life in a negative way for far too long).  I know that it'll be a life-long journey, but it's a start!


My goal for this Whole60 (besides completing it!) is to try one new recipe every week.  One of the things that makes a Whole30 difficult for me is getting bored with what I'm eating.  I've purchased both Well Fed books, ISWF, and Fermented, plus I have Internet access...I'm sure I'll be able to find something to make!




Here I'm going to include a list of things I can look forward to experiencing, so that when I'm not feeling motivated, I can read through this list and remind myself what I'm working toward.


-positive outlook

-smoother, softer, clearer skin

-manageable hair

-not controlled by sugar

-even body temperatures

-"running cool"

-better body composition

-more energy

-even energy

-better memory

-nicer scent

-better sleep

-waking up at a decent hour

-wanting to do things

-wanting to socialize





-three eggs with salt fried in ghee

-kale with salt sautéed in ghee


-GT's kombucha

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