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Whole 30 Day One - Again


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I slipped and fell into temptation today! I travel for work and when I checked into the hotel, I carefully ordered a healthy Whole30 lunch/dinner since I had traveled early this morning and had eaten healthy on the flight, really proud of myself! Then, the dreaded guest service welcome plate arrived with sliced strawberries and tiny desserts, probably not a whole dessert between all of the tiny bite-sized portions - so I talked myself into believing it wouldn't hurt to eat them. Immediately I was angry at my weak resolve!

Bottom line is I am restarting because I want to truly do the program 100%, and I will never know how this might spiral into a series of little bad choices if I don't do a complete restart!

Tomorrow will be day one all over again, but I am excited because even though I made one bad choice - I have proven to myself that I can do it, just need to be better prepared for the hazards of my traveling career!

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