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paleogal whole 30 August 2014


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Today is Day 1 for me.

I did a whole 30 back in fall of 2013 and have been living paleo ever since.

I have been gluten free for several years and I still have some health issues that I know are better when I am off grains, sugar and dairy completely.

The problem is that is I have been "treating" here and there and need to get back on track.  I know I feel better when I am strict, but I can't seem to stop the weekend indulging.  I have been feeling crappy and know I need to get on track.  I would like to incorporate a bit of yoga and some weights into my whole 30.  I have been slacking with my workouts lately too, so I think working on that will help me out too.

I have been super bloated lately and having a lot of jount pain, so a whole 30 begins......


Day 1:

Coffee:  black

workout:  yoga 20 minutes

meal 1:  5 small cubes of cantelope and breakfast casserole:  ground turkey/broccoli slaw/eggs/green onion/homemade sausage seasoning

walk dog: 30 minutes

meal 2:  rib eye steak/sweet potato/ghee/7 cherry tomatoes


meal 3:  whole 30 burrito bowl (recipe found on line)/large garden salad/balsamic vinegar  (this meal is planned for dinner tonight)  *New recipe this week**


Dinner is always double so I have meal 2 for the next day.  Helps with prep work for sure!


I will need to really try to stay off the scale.  I am a girl that is always weighing herself.  This will be a challenge for me. I am going into this whole 30 with the hope of me having a better relationship with food and to re-assure myself that eating strict has to be a way of life if I want to feel good with my overall health. 

I would love to drop a few inches or lbs with this whole 30.  During my first one in 2013, I did not.  I don't really have much to lose, but it would be nice, but again it is not why I am doing this.


until tomorrow......


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Day 1 completed as planned.  Felt good all day.    Need to take some measurements and maybe a photo so I can compare at day 31ish.


The new recipe of burrito bowl was pretty good.  Had a nice heat, but not too spicy.  I used more veggies than the recipe called for and had a salad with it too.  I really want to try and up my veggie intake at each meal. 


I have another new recipe on the agenda for this evening.  They are curry meatballs.  I am going to make them with a parsnip puree that my husband really likes.  I bet they would be good with zuchini noodles or spaghetti squash too.   


Make it a successful day!

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DAY 2  went well.  I did have a bit of a headache in the afternoon, but overall good.

Sleep 8 hrs


coffee black

wo:  arms

m1:  breakfast casserole

walk dog:  30 min

m2:  burrito bowl

1tsp natural almond butter

m3:  curry meatballs/parnip puree/3 pistachios as garnish



Day 3 has started off well.  I have a pork roast in the crockpot for dinner.  Thinking of doing a simple salad and roasted beets for sides. 

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Day 3:  success!!! 

Day 3 went as planned.

coffee:  black

wo:  yoga

m1:  bkfst casserole/5 cubes watermelon

m2:  curry meatballs/parsnip puree

m3:  italian roast pork (well fed)/roasted beets and carrots with balsamic vinegar/arugula salad


This roast is one of my favorites.  I haven't made it in a while, so I really enjoyed it. 

I have a family gathering tonight, and have my dinner all packed for later.  I will be eating pork leftovers both at lunch and dinner, but oh well.  My family is use to me packing my meal when we get together.  since I am the only one with celiac in my family, it makes more sense.  I actually prefer and am use to not being able to have dessert, etc when we are together.  I am excpecting no problems.


I need to do a little more food prep for the weekend coming up for breakfast, etc.  I may make another bkst casserole.  Breakfast for me can sometimes be hard to get down, and I really kind of liked the one I made earlier in the week.


Make it a great day!

Here is to a great day 4!!!

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Day 4 in the books.  There were a ton of chips/dip/junk at my sisters last night.  I was able to enjoy a glass of water while everyone munched before dinner on too many carbs/grains. 

I brought my leftovers and really enjoyed my meal along with the salad I brought for everyone.


Day 5 has been a bit tough so far though.  I am feeling a bit down but not sure why.  i also am not super hungry all day.  I kind of had to force my lunch down.  Hopefully I will snap out of it my the end of the day:  TGIF.

I have chicken on tap for this evening, and I think I may just make some summer squash noodles or something.


Weekends are where I normally cave.  I am determined to be strong this upcoming weekend.  i am planning on doing some food prep on Sunday for a successful start of week 2 next week.  Nothing major planned this weekend, which should help to stay on track.



In regards to the burrito bowl, I am sorry but I don't have the recipe handy.  From what I remember it was diced tomato, beef, bell pepper, onion, celery, chili powder, and I put a bit of other random spices.  I really wouldn't have called it a burrito bowl if I named the recipe...seemed more to me like the inside of a taco.

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Didn't check in to the board over the weekend,but I managed to have a successful weekend. 

I have been trying to avoid computers, cellphone use on the weekends as much as possible and turn off both by 7pm each weekday.


friday:  Day 5

My mood continued to be down, but i managed to not use food as a crutch.

coffee:  black

wo:  none:  body wanted to sleep in a 1/2 later

m1:  frittata

m2:  frittata/cantelope/3 pecan halves

m3:  chicken wings/summer squash noodles/spinach salad

bedtime tea




woke up feeling great and in a great mood.  Talk to the husband about staying in for dinner instead of going out and he was on board.  He is not doing this whole 30 with me, but is super supportive and has decided he wants to tighten uo his meals a bit too. 

coffee:  black

walk dog:  30 min

m1:  frittata

m2:  leftover pork/garden salad

m3:  steamers dipped in ghee/1/2 sweet pot and ghee/spinach salad


I went to check out a new farmers market in the area.  Didn;t buy too much but purchased some beets to try a new farm.  I have a CSA that I belong to that I pick up every Sunday, and I had gone food shopping so I didn't want to buy too much and waste the food.


Sunday  Day 7

coffee:  black

m1:  chicken wings/canary melon

State Forest hike with husband and dog:  1 hr

m2:  leftover pork/spinach salad/3 pecan halves/balsamic vinegarette dressing (homemade)

walk:  20 min

m3:  pad thai (revised Against the grain recipe and took out sugar to make whole 30 compliant:  felt recipe was just as good!)


Sunday I went on a nice hike.  The weather here has been amazing!  We try to do a hike every weekend. 

Did some food prep to get ready for the new week to start.

A few things I would like to accomplish this week:

-Track sleep, mood and hunger patterns if necessary

-Up workout intensity.  Slacked a bit last week on workouts because I was a bit tired.

-Yoga 2 evenings with husband

-Try 1 new recipe this week

-walk daily

-dry brush every morning


Make it a successful day!!!



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coffee:  black

wo:  upper body

m1:  bkfast casserole/canary melon/3 pecans

walk:  30 min

snack:  1T almond butter (I was starving)

m2:  leftover pad thai/sliced tom

snack:  coconut flakes (starving)/1 tsp coconut oil

m3:  Well Fed 2 lamb omlet/sliced tomato/roasted broccoli/decaf green tea


I was really hungry today.  unfortunately I had to snack a bit between meals to keep going.  I think I am going to up my meals size in the am and maybe up the fat to see how that does.  I was  really wanting to eat more at snacks, but I wanted to try and stick to the 3 meals, so  I made them small.


Sleep was 7.5 hrs.  Though last night I had a little hard time falling asleep.  I found my mind thinking a bit too much in bed. 

Hoping for a successful Tuesday! Just did some yoga, and it is a beautiful cool morning here.  Prepped meals and ready to go!

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Day 9 Tuesday:  success

Past couple of days I have been edgy/crabby.  Woke up feeling happy today, so I hope that is behind me.


Eats for Tuesday

coffee black

1 T almond butter

wo:  yoga 30 min

m1:  bkfst casserole/canary melon/coco flakes

walk 30 min

m2:  leftover lamb omlet/broccoli slaw

1tsp almond butter

m3:  spaghetti squash pie/arugula salad



I have an accupuncture appt in a little bit, that I am so looking forward too.

I have also been dry brushing, but have not done any night yoga with the husband.  He has been working late so it hasn;t worked out so far this week.

Another gorgeous day here.  I will need to get out with the dog for a nice walk.

Happy WED!!

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Day 10:  DONE

woke up with out the alarm several days in a row.  Such a nicer way to wake up!

Wednesdays eats


coffee:  black/1tsp almond butter

wo:  yoga:  30 min

m1:  pork/broccoli slaw/1/2 sweet pot with ghee

walk dog:  30 min

m2:  leftover spaghetti squash pie

m3:  steak/sweet pots with chili powder/kale salad


Was a bit hungry after dinner, and I am not sure why.  I had a nice piece of steak and also had a starch veg?

Mood is feeling better.  I have had a lot on my mind, so I am not sure if that was adding to my mood swings the past few days along with time of the month starting.

Accupuncture was relaxing and beneficial.  I am going to try to re-commit to doing that more often for overall wellness.  It is a bit pricey, but in the past has really helped me in many ways.


Forgot to drybrush this am:  trying to make it a new habit. 

Noticing I am not starving like I had been between meals today:  bonus!!


Making my all time favorite recipe tonight:  Salmon cakes from the book.  I actually don't use canned salmon, but have the fish market grind up some wild caught coho:  DELISH!!  Bought enough to have for lunch tomorrow and then maybe for a little starter to tomorrow nights dinner.  


Need to go pick some tomatoes from the garden for tonghts salad.



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Thursday is complete.  Eats were:

coffee:  black/coco flakes

wo:  yoga 20 min

m1:  spaghetti squash pie leftovers

m2:  steak/sweet pot/kale

m3:  salmon cakes/spaghetti squash with ghee/garden salad


Salmon cakes came out great.  I really do enjoy that recipe.  I have a new scampi recipe that I am going to make tonight.  I love trying new recipes, it keeps it interesting.

Nothing major planned for the weekend.  We normally do dinner out one weekend night, but i think I am going to try and talk the hubs into staying in again.  I am feeling good and it is so much easier to do this eating at home.  Maybe I will venture out to dinner next weekend??


Just realized I forgot to dry brush again this am.......need to stay on it to make it a habit.

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Week 2 is finished and we are off to a good week 3. 

Stayed in and around the house doing yard work, etc and talked the husband into eating in on Saturday.  We did a nice steak and shrimp on the grill with a nice garden salad.  Still waiting on the large tomatoes in the gardern to change from green, but we had plenty of lettuce and cherry tomatoes. 

I did food prep for the week yesterday after a nice long hike in the woods with the dog and husband.  The weather has been amazing, and it is my most favorite time on the weekend!  I made a frittata thing for breakfast, some extra sweet pots, and I have some veggies cut up for a quick fix or for easy prep for dinner.


Things I am noticiing during the whole 30 so far:

Sleeping more soundly and getting up without an alarm clock at the very same time each morning.

I feel a pep in my step the past few days and the crankiness has lifted:  I am in good spirits.

Not stressing over the small things like I normally do, and I am finding I am more prepared during this whole 30 and I don't feel deprived or like I am missing out.

Realizing that eating whole 30 may be something I need to do on a daily basis, and a rare indulgence is all I need from time to time, not every week or every other week.

Less bloating=FINALLY!!


for this week, I think I will try:

to eat less fruit.  Started to reaize that I was eating fruit each day:  I don't want the sugar demon to appear, so I am going to watch my intake.  Also, I will only use nuts as a garnish and nothing else.

Pamper myself with an epsom foot soak once or twice this week and get back to doing a weekly face mask, along with a morning dry brush.

Continue with the yoga and daily walks with the dog.

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Didn't check in yesterday.  I actually had a headache and opted to use the computer a little less.  Woke up with it this morning too:  boo!  May be pollen/ragweed.  Guess it is extremely high here right now?

So yesterdays eats:  Day17

coffee:  black/1tsp almond butter

yoga:  30 min

m1:  pork frittata/blueberries

walk 30 min

m2:  spaghetti squash and meat sauce/cucumber and tom slices

m3:  roast pork/parsnip puree  (made salad, but I didn;t eat it)


Been really enjoying the daily yoga this week.  I can feel it in the shoulders.   found a site called grokker, currently its free.  Has yoga/other forms of exercise/food, etc on it.  I have been doing Suri Peterson, and she explains beautifully!


I was going to make moroccan meatballs for tonght, but wasn't feeling it this am, so I took out beef to make some stuffed burgers.  I will stuff the burgers with some spinach and olives. 

I keep forgetting to dry brush......

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Im still here and doing well with this whole 30.  Survived another weekend without any issues AND I even ate dinner out!!  Found a great place that had grass feed beef and they were more than accomidating to making everything whole 30 approved!!


Today is day 23.  this whole 30 is flying by. 

I am noticing: 

bit more energy

better sound sleep

less cravings

less sore muscles:  aches in legs

brighter eyes

less bloating


I need to read about reintroductions.  I have not desire for grains, and I know my issues are with dairy and sugar, so I don't really see the need to test anything. 

Food prep this weekend was some baked sweet pots, roast chicken all cut up and a ground turkey and broccoli slaw mix.  Need to make an extra veggie or two with dinner tonight to be prepared.

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Day 24.

Todays blog post/dear melissa was a good read for me about reintroductions. 

Tuesdays fuel.

coffee:  black

yoga:  30 min standing routine

m1:  ground turkey/broccoli slaw/coco oil

walk dog

m2:  leftover against the grain chow mein with chicken thighs

m3:  best chicken/tomatoe slices/acorn squash/green beans


We bought a charcoal grill over the weekend.  We are use to using a gas grill.  May take a bit of time to get use to.  The grill itself takes a bit more time to heat up and patience.  Bought the starter that you put newspaper and lumps in.  Bought charcoal that was 100% pure so no fillers etc.


Our garden is finally getting some of our large tomatoes to turn red.  It has taken a bit longer than the past years, but they are well worth the wait.  We have had plenty of plum which i like in a salad cuz the size is perfect, and we have had some cherry ones too.  We only have a few more cucs left, so I will try and enjoy them in some nice salads over the next few days.

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Today is Day 29.   I will finish out the week at least and make it a whole?

  • Feeling good, and not really feeling like I need to "add" anything back it. We will see how it goes.  Did some food prep over the weekend, and I have noticed how much I look forward to meal 1.  I was never a big breakfast eater, but now I find I am enjoying the afer workout meal.  

I really wish I had some visitors stop by my log.  It would have been nice to get some feedback on my eating.....oh well.

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Today is day 30:  woot woot!!!

Yesterdays eats

coffee black

yoga 30 min

m1:  burger/coco oil/blueberries

walk 30 min

m2:  against the grain chicken chow mein

m3:  moroccan meatballs: well fed/cauli rice/large sliced tomato

bedtime tea before bed

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I feel like this whole 30 went more smoothly than the one I did last october.  I felt more prepared with food everyday, I wasn't stressing over portion size and just ate until I was full.  I was able to incorporate more veggies in with out stressing about it, I didn't struggle with feeling deprived and the sugar dragon never really snuck up on me.

I am going to continue eating whole 30 for every prepped meal I do at home.  I will however eat out and will remain gluten and dairy free, and will try to be sugar free without stresssing over a little in a dressing, etc.

I feel this whole 30 has given me a better handle on my food and my body.  I know food effects me: and I need to realize a "treat" of something is really not worth it if it takes a week or more to feel better.  I am really not missing anything, and will do my best to remain whole 30!!

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