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Just started today, I feel like crap. Is this normal?


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I have only had breakfast and lunch so far. Here is what I have eaten:


3 eggs, and a handful of baby carrots

banana for snack (I know not great but I was hungry and walking out the door)


grilled chicken sliced in romaine lettuce leafs with guacamole on top with tomatoes.

I am a coffee drinker but not huge, usually just one cup a day. I have had a caffeine headache since this morning. And after lunch I have been clammy, hot, and slightly nauseous. I have also been in a fog all day. Is all of this normal?

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Wow, thanks for the link. Every time I think I read most things on here, someone posts a link to more things I didn't read yet lol.

I have been eating like crap for months, especially bad these summer months. I guess this is what I get. To be feeling like crap half way through the first day makes me nervous this will take me a while to get through. I am not sure I will be able to eat dinner, the thought of food is making me sick.

Hopefully my kids don't need help with their homework haha!

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