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Second attempt and feeling good


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After failing my first Whole30 (not really failing, just giving up) I decided to give it another go this month. I started on August 16th and didn't tell anyone except my husband because I was embarrassed about my last attempt. This one is going so well though! I'm on day 11 and I already feel great. I was looking at Melissa Joulwan's 30 Reasons to Whole30 post to remind myself of the reason I'm doing this and realized that I've already hit so many of those markers. 


I'm sleeping better, waking up without an alarm (which is impressive when I wake up at 5am and it's still dark), I have no more sugar cravings and food has stopped being a comfort mechanism for me. We'll see if these things still hold true during PMS time but I'm optimistic. Be encouraged friends!

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