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Starting on September 1st...would love a buddy


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Hi. I'm Dawn and my doctor recommended giving this a try. I'm a little nervous but very excited to get started!

Knowing that this will require squashing my sugar habits a little nerve racking. I would love the opportunity to go through this with others experiencing the same thing at the same time. I'm extremely interested in buddying up online, or locally in Las Vegas.

Let's do this!!!

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Hi Dawn!  

Welcome to Whole 30!  I am not local for you but online I certainly am able to buddy up with you!


It's awesome that you are doing the W30.  You WILL  feel and look better at the end of 30 days.  

I know.  I've done it!


Last Feb. my sister, a naturopathic physician asked me if I wanted to join her on W30.  I did and

felt awesome.  What helped me succeed was diving into it FULL ON.  I read It Starts with Food, signed up for the daily E-mails, and posted on the forum every day at lease once.  I made it through Valentine's Day, and happy hours just fine.  It's a mindset and a conscious decision to succeed.  


I started this current W30 at the end of my summer vacation a week ago (I'm a teacher.).  So Day 1 of my school year was also my day 1 of this W30.  I'm on day 7.  


You can do this Dawn!  :0)  

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Hi Dawn, I'm Dawn also. lol.

I'm on day 6 on my first Whole30. So far I'm doing real good. I've had a few headaches but that's it. I haven't had the "carb flu" that everyone talks about the first week. I've already felt I've had more energy during the day but feeling exhausted by 8pm. Tonight I'm doing pretty good. Tired but not exhausted. I didn't jump into this full blast. I slowly cut out carbs and dairy a couple of weeks before Truly starting. I was going on vacation and knew I couldn't keep it up. that's why I did it this way. If you can jump into it all at once that's the best thing I think. I just couldn't, being in the mountains camping.


You'll do great at this. Just stay focused and keep coming back here for support and questions. I was recommended to get the cookbook Wellfed for some great recipes. I ordered mine and its suppose to be here in a week or 2. I can't wait. The mayo is suppose to be real good too. I'm making that tomorrow. I was told the trick to making it is to let the egg and vinegar set out for 2 hours to get to room temp. Then add the oil very, very, very slowly when blending.


Have a great 30 days.


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