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W30 Life - Starting 9/2/14


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I've done a few rounds of the whole30 over the past few years; and the best one was when I kept my log here in the forum.  Last year, through w30 and exercise I had dropped my weight to around 180lbs.


Things are different now, I have gained about 29 lbs, and haven't been sticking to my healthy eating...I've had thyroid cancer, and surgery, and have just started back to Crossfit as of 8/1.  My box is doing a W30 challenge this month, and so....


It's a perfect time for me to begin again.  


I am trying my best not to compare to any previous versions of myself...and not to get discouraged by my current weight, and body image. 


to be honest though...I have three main goals for this first 30 days


1 - Lose at least 19 lbs

2 - No cheating; no matter what

3 - Increase my performance in the gym


I have mapped out my food prep for this week, and I have also given up caffeinated coffee.

I am keeping fruit, and nuts, to a minimum.

I am also prepping some w30 compliant "treats" in order to keep myself from cheating.


My long term plan is to make this my lifestyle.  So ... at the end of the 30 days; it will be one (ONE!) cheat meal .... and right back on another 30 days! 


I know I have that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life...


so here I go!



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Woke up late and didn't get to Crossfit today - slept a full 8 hours!  rare for me...could be the additional exercise and slip'n'slide at the lake yesterday, or more likely: I am off the coffee!!!  Down to only decaf since Sunday...and feeling pretty great _ although I don't feel as sharp as usual.


Day 1 Breakfast

Bulletproof coffee (decaf) then some coconut milk/coconut oil coffee

Hungry (wo)man sweet potato breakfast casserole

1 egg/3 egg whites



Spaghetti squash, turkey breast, and stir fry (coconut oil) celery, leeks, & mushrooms.

1/2 avocado

2 slices of dried mango for dessert



gala apple

2 tbs raw almond butter



Turkey breast

romaine, broccoli, tomato, cucumber

1/2 avocado

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Day 2 - feeling sleepy


I barely slept last night...went to bed at 9;45, and got up at 4;15 for meds then back to sleep until 4;45...this should have been a good 7 hour sleep; but it was one of those sleepless nights when i am really awake in my subconscious mind.  

Had the decaf with the coconut cream and some eggs...headed to cf, and had a great workout with a PR on strict press.

Came home and wasn't really hungry; made egg scramble and ate before work.


Breakfast (before and after workout)

Coconut milk & coconut oil creamer


1 egg + 3 egg whites

2 eggs + 4 egg whites

hungry girl sweet potato casserole (4oz)

mixed veggies (zucchini, sweet peppers, onion, mushrooms)

coconut oil

Just mango - 1 slice



Spaghetti squash

Turkey breast

celery, mushrooms, sweet peppers 

coconut oil




2 tbs almond butter



Headed to Fresh 2 order  : 

planning to order the coconut curry salmon, sweet potato, and grilled veggies

*hot date with Russ :)


(date went well~ had the tuna (gluten free almond meal crust) and a mediterranean salad...ordered the sweet potatoes; and they seemed to have sugar so I didn't eat them (WIN!!! yay me!!)


It was raining; and I was so freakin' tired by the time I got home; I nearly collapsed into bed.

Slept from 10 pm - 5:07 am - like a rock

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Day 3

Feeling thinner already...don't know if it is my imagination or not; but I am pretty sure I am already losing weight.


Grabbed a handful of almonds when I got to the box this morning.

Had a great workout - running is getting faster; and I felt better than I have been feeling.

Came home and made decaf and eggs


Breakfast (after workout)

3 eggs 3 egg whites mixed with butternut squash (baked with olive oil, onion and garlic)

tsp of coconut oil, tsp of clairfied Kerry Gold, 2-3 tbs coconut milk

1 paleo "pancake"


Breakfast (at work)

6 egg whites

1 paleo "pancake"

coconut lime energy bite



Hungry girl paleo sweet potato casserole

egg whites

1/2 acorn squash

coconut lime energy bite



gala apple

almond butter



turkey breast

salad (romaine, broccoli, peppers, zuchinni)

1/2 avocado


tonight I will head home straight after work; p/u christopher and spend some time with him while cleaning up the house; and getting ready for the weekend.

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wow...I cannot believe it has been 9 days; and I went to Dayna's wedding over the weekend, and didn't fall in the hole.


I feel amazing.  yesterday was my first taste of tiger blood; and I LOVE it.  I want more of it!


I am on track with my eating, and training...and I feel generally fabulous.  

My clothes are getting looser too.  


I plan to eat this way for the rest of my life.

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Day 22 - and I have had some sugar snacks revolving around chocolate ....it started at the retreat last Saturday (today is Tuesday)...when I had some of the fudge my sponsor has been making on HER personal journey.


....then that night I had a couple of squares of dark dark chocolate...while everyone else was eating smores by the bonfire


...then on sunday...there were three ...yes THREE cheesecakes at the meeting...and I had three small bites .


....then yesterday...I wend to trader joes and bought extra dark chocolate wedges.   I had two yesterday; and three today.

Obviously, I have fallen in the chocolate hole, and I need help pulling myself out.


everything else is going like a dream...my mom noticed my weight loss...my co-worker noticed today; and men have been noticing also.

I have been able to tell for a week or so.  Clothes are fitting better; I am feeling better...everything going well


i don't want to lose my progress...and I am already dreaming of cheesecake, pho, and cookie butter for my one cheat meal.  

I must really hold myself accountable to that one day...and not go overboard.  I am making such progress.  


I don't want to lose it.

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