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Reintro - Sugar


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I've decided that sugar in the form of wine and honey will be my first and possibly only reintro food.

I was doing Paleo (85% with wine) for about 7 months before W30 so ate very little grains, dairy or preservatives anyway. I have family coming to stay the day after my W30 finishes tmw. They come from wine country so I'm sure they will be bringing some local delicious wine with them to celebrate and I know its going to be hard to resist especially being so excited to see them. Just hope I can stop at the one glass of wine and not behave like pre W30 days and drink the whole bottle.The honey will be in the cranberry coconut paleo muffins that have been hiding in the back of the freezer for the last 30 days. 

I hope these two forms of sugar are ok to mix in the re intro period. Yippee one day to go  :D


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