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Before and after ... and after


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I have already written about this in my journal, so I will copy and paste it here again. 


So I actually finished the program! And it took my by surprise. As you can see from the gap in my updates, I lost track of time. I have been on vacation for the past two weeks, so I allowed myself some indulgences. However, I have decided to re-start the program to kick renewed sugar and simple carbs cravings and to complement my exercise regime. The biggest change I have seen has been in the progress of the way my body looks. I will post before and after pictures here. But please NOTE: I have been doing an intensive exercise program also, so you should not look at my pictures for any indication of what may happen to your body. However, my exercising could be more intense, if I had the stamina, and the results even better. In short these things I have noticed:


  •  Not a huge weight loss probably because, I eat a lot more, including much more (clarified) butter, but still managed to loose body fat (which is my objective)
  • 18 days into the Whole30 program I started FREELETICS and I felt I had lots of energy. Lately, while on holiday (after finishing the Whole30), I have felt more lethargic. I am not ready to say that one is the result of the other, since there were other factors. But I will see if I notice a change when I go back on the program.
  • buying enough vegetables and preparing them is a burdensome some times. I will try to pre-prepare more vegetables for my next round.
  • I have a lower tolerance for alcohol now, and although I tasted some good wines in the south of France these past two weeks, alcohol has bee the easiest to let go of.
  • While off the program I have felt at time that I have over eaten (not eating consciously or slowly enough) and have felt bloated, which gave me a sense of guilt. So letting go of the program also meant letting go some (self) control, which translates into lack of self esteem.
  • I have certainly been moody recently (again, not ready to attribute diet as a cause, but will keep my focus on my mood next time around).

Here are the pictures. The place to pay attention to is the love handles, especially from the rear view:



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Thank you jelewis.


There may be small digestive changes caused by the diet, but I am not ready to confirm that they are indeed the effect of the diet without a more controlled experiment. But here are some things that I can confirm :


• about 15 days into the program, I felt very energetic. There may have been some external factors that help this (I was already doing an exercise program, an athletic younger cousin looking on when I did some of this program, or a placebo effect) but in either case, I was doing the exercises and finishing them ... so win, win.


• when I finished the program I was on holidays. our landlord gave us a very sweet and rich cake and I ate more than  what should have been a lady-like portion. I ate a MAN portion. Then I felt very full, bloated and depressed. This could be due to the surge in sugar after having abstained for a long time, or simply my dissapointment at having given up to my craving so easily. But the point is that sugar can make you its bitch and it isn't good. However,


• I find myself a lot better able to say "No thanks" when my partner opens a new bar of this Lindt chocolate bar.  So a kick in the ass to sugar for 1 month, kinda empowers you and reduces the cravings for sugar.


• Ditto for bread. Now, I live in France, so the bread here can be excellent. So I may occassionally indulge (although I'm quitting again), but at least I don't have to buy it every day, like I was doing before.


So, in a long answer, what I meant to reply to your question was : It has helped me control my cravings/needs for sugar and starch, which I blame entirely for the love handles.


What is your story?

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