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Starting Today

Vanessa Sellers

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Hello Everyone,


I have heard so many good things about this program that i decided to buy the book this morning and give it a try for myself.

I have done about every program under the sun. I was the most successful with Weight Watchers i made Lifetime in 2009.


I started with them way back in 2004. I was at 230 pounds at at 5'2 that was a lot of me. I got down to my goal weight of 118 but i wasn't a healthy weight if you know what i mean...i kept the weight under 125 for about a year but then i just could not take the point counting anymore..so i am now at 141. I am 48 years old and in the beginning stages of menopause.


The weight just doesn't seem to want to move. I know it's from my diet because i know it's not from exercise..i run 4 miles a day,yoga 30 minutes a day and lift 4 days a week. My downfall is sugar..i love sweets. That's why i knew i needed to do something before the holidays hit.


So thank you in advance for all the help and friendship...i will need it.


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