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Photos from 1st whole30


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Here is my before and after from my 1st whole30. I still have a ways to go weight wise but I'm on my way.

I lost 14lbs.


I also lost my arthritis pain, my lack of sleep and the need for 3 medications... ambien,  percocet and soma. I had been suffering with chronic back pain for 2 plus years. Within 7 days my pain reduced significantly and within 2 weeks I'd greatly reduced my medication.  It took my another week or so to completely stop the percocet due to my prolonged use. The doctor told me it would take months to come off them due to the terrible side effects of withdrawal. .. it took me a week and I believe the whole30 is the reason for that. I do have occasional aches in my sacroiliac joint but nothing some rest or stretching cannot fix. My skin and hair looks much healthier too. 


On day 0, my asthma symptoms were problematic, I was unbelievably tired, I'd wake congested and I was utterly depressed. All of that is in the past.


After a week of being off whole30,  I realized I needed a little more help with my food relationship so started again on Sept 8. I do plan to stay with it for 70 days since there are suggestions it takes 66 days to break/change habits. I look forward to posting another success story on November 17th! 


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