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Paragard and whole 30


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So since I did my whole30 back in june/july, I have since been eating not so on point. I have learned some things but now am feeling pains that I don't know if I should "blame" on my eating or having the paragard inserted. I think I would feel a lot better without bread/grains but the ease of those items is what keeps me going back. I was wondering whether anyone has the paragard and has any suggestions for me, as I'm sick of feeling so run down. I know the whole30 would be the best thing for me, but its difficult as my family aren't the most supportive bunch. 


Thanks for any tips. 

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You might try a combination approach: contact your healthcare provider and ask for a check-up to see if it's inserted properly, and talk over your symptoms to see if this might be due to the Paragard.  At the same time, you might commit to, say, a Whole14 or something like that, to see if you can further isolate the cause of the specific pains that are concerning you.  Basically, you're wanting to rule out something specific and also get back some energy you've lost, if I'm understanding correctly.


If your family isn't supportive, you could simply take the opportunity to do this for yourself without comment.  And hang out here, we're supportive! :wub:


Good luck and I hope you find out that it's something simple.

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I have a check up in less than a month, and I can find the strings (sorry if tmi), I think my time of the month is approaching, and I'm just feeling that a little more extremely than I'm used to.  I think I will just start a whole14+ and see if I find any relief. I'm beginning to think that maybe I need to get caffeine out of my system, so maybe I'll do a caffeine holiday as well. I know the caffeine doesn't help with cramps. Thank you for your support! I'm excited to do this, although it will take some prep if I want to stay at my boyfriend's at all (he's doing some remodeling and doesn't have a sink, and soon won't have countertops). I think this is what I need to do to be able to focus with school and everything. I also just need to move more. I've been feeling sorry for myself lately and just been lazy. And I gained all my whole30 weight I lost back. Also things haven't been moving as smoothly in the bathroom and I'd like to get that back. Sorry for the rambling, but you all understand (hopefully). 


Thank you for your support!

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I think many folks here understand, many of us have been down the road of seeing great benefits and then, um, enjoying the return to sugar too much.  The really really great news is that we can eat well and feel better again, just like we did the first time.  Hang in there, and hang out here, and be good to yourself. :wub:

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This may be a stretch, but you might want to look into a copper / zinc imbalance. I mention it because I was zinc deficient a few years ago and supplementing with zinc made a huge difference in how I felt. Turns out copper and zinc work hand in hand, and too much of one can mean less of the other. And, zinc is critical for so many functions in the body. It might be worth asking your doc for blood tests. Since you have more copper in your system (paraguard), it's something to at least look into. Your doc may poo-poo the test, but ask her to at least humor you. You don't want to start supplementing with high doses of zinc without needing it, as it could swing you in the other direction. It's been a while since I looked, but I believe the paraguard pamphlet mentions something about all this.

And with the pains, it may be a combination of both. I'm guessing a whole 14 may help you figure it out. Best of luck!

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So what should have been day 1 was a flop but I feel better today regardless. I didn't drink coffee and have feltok energy wise. I had a milkshake at this ice cream place (locally made, with pastured cows). It was great. I also had a couple cookies that were blah. Then I had corn with dinner. The milk shake was worth it. I'm thinking of starting my whole 14 on Tuesday.

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I have a Paragard, and the symptoms I have (after about 2 years) are occasional cramps throughout the month (like menstrual cramps); longer, heavier, and more crampy periods; and periods that sort of stop and start.  


For me, the side-effects of the IUD are like intensified normal menstrual symptoms, and very different from the way I feel when I'm not eating well.  


The W30 has made all these symptoms less severe, though!


Hope this helps.*

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