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  1. There are many anecdotal stories of folks on whole 30 needing to lower their thyroid meds, some by as much as half or more. Best to get your levels checked and discuss lowering your dose with your doc. Here's a good article as to why https://chriskresser.com/the-gluten-thyroid-connection/
  2. Good luck, you can do this! I have 4 stepkids that don't eat what I eat all the time, a husband that is a junk food addict (none is allowed in the house), and I'm due next month with my first child. I've done many a Whole30, including during my pregnancy. You got this! I'll add this, though. If you have every sign of hypothyroidism but your test levels are normal, I'd argue you're not being tested for the right things or working with the right doctors. I've been through many endos, all who said my levels were fine, despite having symptoms most of my life. Look at your labs - is your TSH under 2 or so? Did they test your free T3? Free t4? Both should be around the middle of the normal range for optimal health. I had a low free t4 value once, but the next time it was 1 point above normal so I was sent on my way with a clean bill of health... not helpful at all. Have your antibodies been tested? If the answer to any one these is no, please find a functional or integrative doc. They're more likely to treat borderline labs and look at the big picture. Just my 2 cents. I'm not a doctor, but a patient that tried to get treated for 15 years before I was taken seriously.
  3. I'm 35 weeks. After eating all the junk during my morning sickness phase, I started another whole 30 around the first of the year. If anything, I feel I'm helping baby. My iron levels are excellent, I'm sleeping well, I'm not gaining a ton of weight, I'm not very bloated, and if what I've read is true, I'm introducing foods to my baby that it may have a preference for later on. All good stuff in my eyes. I hadn't considered things from a detox perspective, but I'd be willing to bet I'd do more damage eating all the crap vs cutting it out. My 2 cents from a pregnant lady.
  4. I hadn't heard of pelvic PT until someone online mentioned it. The hard part is finding someone that does it. Depending on the state you're in (assuming US), PTs can do it and massage therapists can as well. A few sources to look into: Clear Passages - you travel to them for a week and they work you a lot. This is intensive. May or may not be covered by insurance. Do a search in your area for pelvic PT. They'll often advertise working with incontinence, among other things. Some PTs are only trained in soft tissue mobilization and don't have extensive training. You want more than that. Look for visceral (work with organs) or myofascial release (work with connective tissue). You may need a referral and a good one will have a long wait list. Well worth it. When I asked for a referral years ago I got it, but was brushed off by my doc that it wouldn't do anything... Needless to say, she was wrong. John Barnes trains people in myofascial work. His website lists practitioners that you can look up by area. My massage therapist is an expert in the Barnes method. I had cervix pain after a miscarriage and d&c last year. TTC was unsuccessful until she did some work on me. Not only did the pain go away, but I was fertile and conceived within days. Coincidence? Maybe. But maybe not. If you need help finding someone, please send me a note. I'm happy to help. I was able to help a friend with vulvodynia find a therapist (she was ttc for a long time) and this seemed to be the missing link for her. There are no guarantees, of course, but one more thing to try. Endo and adeno need to be addressed by multiple angles. Oh, and I'm curious if any of the food sensitivities you tested positive for are making your body unhappy now. It'll be a good experiment for you!
  5. I have endo. Started making diet changes 7 years ago to manage the daily pain and it was successful (in addition to pelvic PT and thyroid management). Haven't been on pain meds, hormones, or needed surgery since. I started doing Whole30s maybe 4 years ago and found the most success. I'm currently doing a modified one during the last trimester in preparation for delivery of my first child. Granted, I have a mild case of endo as of my lap in 2009 and I don't have adeno, but there's hope. A few things... I can eat compliant foods that make me absolutely miserable. I had food allergy testing done with a functional doc and found I had negative reactions to many whole foods. Oranges, almonds, cranberries, eggs, etc. Doing a Whole30 wasn't enough - I had to cut out even more. You may need to play around with it to see what triggers things for you. On another note, I HIGHLY recommend pelvic physical therapy for endo. Our bodies get so wound up and our organs get squeezed and can't function as properly because of it. I found an amazing PPT years ago that helped immensely after my surgery. I could literally feel adhesions pop and release. When ttc last year, I found an amazing massage therapist that does similar work. The relief I feel when I leave her is amazing. If it's something you're interested in, I can give you more info as to what to look for. There are some places that bring you there for a week of intense therapy (Clear Passages) if you're in an area with less options. My 2 cents. Good luck! You can do this!
  6. I like Seeking Health. There are 8 pills a day,though.
  7. I can't help you there, but wanted to say congrats!
  8. Glucose Test

    I am sensitive to sugar... I didn't want to risk a medical label based on ingesting large quantities of stuff I do my best to avoid, so I feel you. I was originally seeing a nurse midwife and asked about my options. She said the glucola drink was the only option for the 1 hour test. Apparently, guidelines came out recently that said anything other than glucola wasn't as effective. So, she agreed to let me test 4 blood sugars throughout the day - fasting, and 2 hours after each meal. She wanted me to do that for 3 weeks, and 1 level above normal meant I had GD. I was prepared to do this (my stepson has type 1 and had an extra monitor) BUT I switched to a home birth midwife. She's giving me 100% fruit juice for the 1 hour test. I've checked my glucose levels a few times here and there and am not concerned I have GD. Obviously, do what you feel is best, but if you don't want to ingest 50g of sugar at once, there should be an alternative. It just may not be 50g of something else, it may be daily monitoring. Good luck.
  9. Checking in! Day 8 for me. I'm doing OK. This isn't a perfect whole 30 for me, but I'm eating a hell of a lot better than I was. Some meals haven't had protein/ veg/ fat due to work travel and poor planning, but I've made do. My goal for today is to meal plan and prep for the week. Having a bare fridge has been tough. I've had some nauseous moments still but no puking in maybe 2 weeks, so I'm grateful. Ground beef just doesn't sound good yet. How's everyone else doing?
  10. Feeling better is nice! I can only think that'll help you during labor and after.
  11. I had an awful time of morning sickness. I'm sure there are things that help, but I didn't want a single one of them. But, logically, I know the need for carbs is huge during the first try. Perhaps some starchy veg might help? I've also heard magnesium and b6 can help. I tried, but I just had to wait it out. Good luck, and welcome!
  12. I'm 24 weeks and just started a Whole30 today! I posted here: Like you, I had the aversions, carb cravings, etc. I'm starting to see the light! Looking forward to having someone else on the journey through this.
  13. day 1 - hash for breakfast, fajitas for lunch, and likely lamb and mashed potatoes for dinner. What's on the meal plan for everyone today?
  14. Nice start! And good luck with your impending delivery!
  15. The purge in my house is today. The leftover cookies, pie, hubby's candy, etc. will all go today. In the fridge, I have leftover fajitas, a hash ready to make, and leftover standing rib roast and compliant mashed potatoes for a shepherds pie. I also have some veg and fruit on hand. 1/1, I'll have no excuses!