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October 1st, second WHOLE30 and need buddies :)


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30 year old compulsive binge-eater, sugar addict and over-exerciser, and I am starting my second Whole 30 on October 1st and would love support and buddies who are also doing their second or third Whole30. 


My goals are:


1. eat 4 meals a day! No snacking! I'm very active and have a wonky schedule because I perform at night so I tend to overeat after the show because I'm exhausted. This messes up my sleep and my hunger signals the whole next day so I'd like to get my hormones back on track with this.


2. Cut out nuts! Sadly, nuts are a food-with-no-breaks for me.  I cut nuts and nut butters out of my food plan for the last two weeks of my first Whole30 after finding myself face-down in almond butter and bananas a couple of times. I felt much better once I eliminated them. So unless nuts are in a recipe, they're out for now. 


3. Turn off electronics an hour before bed every night! Woo!

Looking forward to hearing from others who are in a similar place in their Whole30 journey! I'll be sure to post food here once October starts. :)





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Hi there! Go you!


I hear you on the nuts :)

Electronics too!


I'm starting a couple of days after you (on the 3rd), with similar goals. No nuts, and screens off 30 minutes before bed time (whenever that ends up being).


And I also have a wonky schedule because I'm a student and at the moment I seem to do my best work in the middle of the night these days.


Anyway, looking forward to a bit more stability on the energy front!


All the best to you, will keep an eye out for your log.

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