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I'm new ... and starting on August 18


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Hi all!

I'm nervous and excited and ... well I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

I'm 53 and just tired over feeling worse and worse each year as I get older. I yo-yo dieted my way up the scale over the years and am now at around 240 lbs. Through most of my life, I've been fortunate that I haven't suffered any major health problems associated with my weight. Blood levels have been near normal, no high blood pressure or blood sugar problems at all.

But there was something about turning 50 a few years back that seemed to change things. I still don't have major health problems, but it's just the accumulating "little" things that are starting to get to me.

In particular, a few weeks ago I injured my left knee (doing yoga for goodness sake! :wacko:) I developed hamstring tendinitis and it just decided to hang around. I did all of the recommended Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation treatments, but it seemed to take forever to get to the point that I could walk without limping.

Over the past few years, I've tried cleaning up my diet - eating more "Primal" and "Paleo" as I could. I even tried starting a Whole30 a time or two, but never could seem to get past the first few days before I would give into my cravings.

This time around, I've started by reading It Starts With Food. I'm about a third of the way through and it's making me nod with agreement on just about every page. I've also signed up for the daily e-mails and I've decided to start a log here on the website.

I just want to feel GOOD again and I know that if I can get to Day 30 I will.


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welcome Judy!! I'm glad you are reading ISWF and feel ready to begin the whole30 anew.

I just turned 45 and things shifted in my body in a way that I am just not willing to tolerate. I am on day 3 of the whole30, but on day 10 of eating in alignment with the philosophy (had stevia 2x and tamari cashews once so decided to start fresh) and I can say I am feeling SO much better in my body! Specifically joint pain is resolving and my moods & energy is stable and good - also feeling really strong & have less bloat/swelling. If I feel this good now, I can only imagine how I will feel on day 30!

good luck on your path - I know you can do it :)


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Welcome Judy! You've made a great start by posting here; the support you'll find can make all the difference! Your story sounds a bit like me; there's something about that 50 year mark that just changes everything. I feel like I've dodged a bullet - I'm sure I was on track to high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, you name it. I'm feeling much better after 25 days of clean eating. Just make sure you check in here regularly and let us know how you're doing - and feel free to stop by my log and others to comment or ask questions!

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Thanks for the welcome!

I got started a bit early by skipping the sweetener in my coffee this morning. Not my favorite way to drink coffee, but not terrible. :)

P.S. kcrady57 ... I see you're in Pflugerville! My sister lives in the Austin area (works in Taylor), and we both went to college in Georgetown! (I've been in Houston since 1985, though.) :)

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