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Today is Day 1!


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Hey guys! I've been reading and hearing about Whole30 for a few months now. I quit caffeine and artificial sweeteners back in January (I was a serious coffee and Diet Coke addict) and felt so much better after the withdrawals went away. But still have had a serious carb addiction. I'm a foodie! In the past month I have realized that there are more days that I feel bad than I feel good. The fat around my middle has also been growing. As a photographer who shoots mostly athletes, I realized that my self-confidence during a shoot hasn't been so great… feeling insecure about my weight. It's time for a change!!!


I ordered the book last week and read it in 2 sittings. I also ordered a couple of cookbooks to help me get out of my old cooking habits. I've already planned several meals in advance and am excited about getting started!  The only problem I've had with getting started is finding good food. In small-town North Carolina, food shopping choices are limited. I have my own garden that I am currently eating out of, but need more options. The closest place to buy coconut milk is 45 minutes away. So… just need to figure out sourcing my food.


Otherwise… let's do this!!!  Anyone else starting today?


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