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Elle's Whole 30 Log


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I am beginning my Whole 30 on Monday October 6th. Its the day after my 26th birthday so it will be a healthy "restart" button for a new year of my life. 


Part of the reason I have chosen to do this is because of arthritic flare ups that I am not willing to treat with medication. I also feel that it will prevent at least some symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. I am overweight and although that doesn't bother me from a body image perspective I want to be healthier and active. Luckily I am pretty much running on empty in the pantry so I won't have to clean out much to start over. 


I'm nervous about slipping up but I love all of the foods that ARE allowed. I'm worried about the cost of starting the program but at the same time I know its actually very affordable. On the plus side my body is worth putting good money and good food into. I will have to really exercise self control because of Halloween but I feel that having this month of paying such close attention to what I put into my body will prepare me to be more in control of what I eat during the holidays. 

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Day one!!! 

It was a sleeping in day so I really only ate two meals and a snack :)


B: 2 eggs and 1 white scrambled with onion, bell pepper, fresh basil, and tomato. 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water. 1 Banana


Snack: 1 apple, 2 large carrots


D: 1 chicken breast with garlic, fresh basil, trader joe's sun dried tomatoes. 1/3 of a large zucchini breaded in egg and almond flour panfried in olive oil


Treat: 1/2 cup applesauce (no added sugar!)


Mid day I was crashing a little and held myself over to dinner with the carrots and a big glass of water. Its amazing how the munchies went away and I felt great. Honestly I feel incredible today! My church activities usually end with sweets so I brought the last of my birthday cake over and shared it. It felt really rewarding to not feel the need to eat just for social reasons. I was also paying attention to my body and realized that even if I was going to let myself eat some cake I was so full from dinner that I didn't really want it anyway. 


A friend stopped by and I gave her a few of the last remaining trouble items in my pantry; a sleeve of saltine crackers, croutons that I brought back from San Francisco and are probably stale anyway, and I gave her some of the incredible local produce i was GIVEN for FREE! I'm going to have to go tomato crazy if I want to actually eat them all before they go bad. 


I also made a trip to the library and checked out a few books about paleo diets, one all about vegetables, and a 15 minute workout book & dvd. I'm not going to go crazy on a workout schedule right now because I feel like my nutrition overhaul and spiritual changes I'm working on are enough focus and change for now.


I made 2 chicken breasts so I can take one with me with some carrots and tomatoes to work tomorrow. 


How great does it feel? DAY ONE COMPLETE!!!!!!

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Day two


B: Handful of raw almonds and half a bell pepper

L: Chicken with garlic, sun dried tomato, and basil (Leftovers from last night) 1 big carrot, 1/2 an apple

Snack: Avocado, banana

D: 3 eggs scrambled with 1/4 onion and a bell pepper and a pinch of homemade taco seasoning, 1 large sweet potato with a tsp of coconut milk and cinnamon


Can I just say that sweet potato was the best thing I've eaten today??? I've noticed the flavors in my food stand out so much but after only 2 days of not eating anything sweet it was amazing!!! The avocado also tasted like a heavenly delight. I got tired mid day but I think that was because I'd stayed up until 2am watching Vampire Diaries ;)


My biggest temptation was a corndog. Man oh man did I want a bite of corndog. I nanny on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I'm kind of at the mercy of whatever is in the house and I have to cook for the kids. When I opened a yogurt I had to try really really hard to remember to not lick the foil wrapper off before I threw it away. But I didn't! It was actually interesting to look through the fridge and pantry to see what I could eat and realize how bad the "American Diet" really is! I honestly do believe that whole grains are important but should be used moderately. That doesn't mean I've done that. Lets be real like a week ago I ate a loaf of that $1 french bread from Walmart by myself. Maybe in one day. And it made me happy when it was going into my mouth but I felt so guilty afterwards (that's what she said). My body has felt awesome the past 2 days and I'm really excited for what is to come!

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