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On day 6


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Good afternoon.  I am on day 6 and really enjoying how I'm feeling.  Did a little shopping today for some of the things listed on the shopping list.  Am not having any issues at all just really miss my coconut and almond milk I had started to drink.  I did get some of the coconut milk in the can to try later.  Hope the rest of the 30 days goes as good and easy as these first 6 have.  We even went out to lunch the other day and I ordered a cobb salad with no dressing or cheese and it was really good.  I really think I can do this.  I have been very surprised and the amount of sugar in everything canned.  Thank goodness we live in the country and I have tons of frozen veggies that have nothing in them and we have fresh dug sweet potatoes.  Wishing everyone good luck and telling myself we can do this.  Have a truly blessed day,

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