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My whole85.


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I am going to do a whole85, starting today, 8th October 2014 until News Year Day...January 1st 2015.


I deserve to feel on top of the world.

I am worthy of loving my body.

I am worthy of being free from an eating disorder. 

I deserve to have better mental health.

I am worthy of better skin, hair and a healed gut.



I am supplementing with vitamin d3 (I am coeliac and vitamin/mineral absorption is greatly reduced), magnesium and fish oil (twice a day.)



Let's do this!

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Thoughts so far - I had breakfast at 6.30am and knew i wouldn't have a chance to have lunch until around 2pm, so I had 2 boiled eggs at 10am to help stop me reaching for the sweets/sugar. It worked :)


Got a bit of a headache and feeling seriously sleepy - I always feel sleepy after lunch....

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important lesson learned - my stomach doesn't like swede unless it's cooked very well. Had it with ghee and had a stomach ache after. 


Woke up hungry this morning at 5.20am...had an emergency can of tuna and avocado

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fell off the bandwagon due to the flu :(


important lessons learned - 


my body does NOT like nuts, especially almonds

apples are too high in fructose for me


Soya icecream/desserts etc...definitely not worth it!!


Lemsip has sucrose in it, oops  :rolleyes:


I really like 'vegetable mash' when I'm poorly


My body seeks out sugary things when I'm ill for energy, couldn't stop craving fruit yesterday 

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