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Started Friday, October 10th


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Hi all, my name is Susan and I started this journey last Friday and right now I am feeling committed, but frustrated and head-achy. I did not expect the severe headaches I have been experiencing and already have broken down and taken a few pain killers.  


My main purpose for doing the Whole30 is the horrible ache in my right knee every time I run and the huge amounts of Aleve I have consumed the last few years to fight the pain.  In addition, I have gotten a bit soft around the middle (muffin-top) and I am ready to see it gone.


I know I can do this and I have shared with the people closest to me that I have started this process.  I am most concerned about social settings and I do not want to be a hermit for the remaining 26 days of this experience.


I look forward to feeling better soon and taking control of my body and my mind.

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Hey Susan, I'm DJ, 32 male, started Monday 10/6, so I've been thru those headaches too. If u google 'whole30 cramps' or 'whole30 headaches' there's lots of recommendations to fight them.

I went thru rough days. I'd say days 3-5 were the worst. My body chemicals were messed up, cramps all over, occasional headaches, short temper,etc. there's no perfect time to start but I'd say avoid a time where your life is already stressful (taking bar exam, big deadlines at work). I lost it at work one day, I didn't realize how much the diet was affecting me physically & mentally & had a bit of a breakdown. So just realize that this is a big shock no matter how prepared u think u are.

As far as socially:

I am a big drinker & go to bars 4x/week. It's been surprisingly easy to still go to the bar but not drink & still hv fun. I get big pint glasses of seltzer with a lime. Believe it or not, many people do that. I felt like I had to apologize for ordering a non-alcoholic drink but it's really no big deal. For the ppl I hangout with I just let them notice & when they ask why I'm not drinking I simply say 'I'm on a diet that excludes drinking'. 99% of ppl respond with 'Good for you!', which was also a surprise as I thought ppl would badger me. Don't feel like you owe a lengthy explanation, most ppl would just be bored anyway. They are at the bar to drink & relax & don't want to be reminded of the obvious fact that alcohol is bad for you. I use coffee if I need to feel a jolt & I smoke weed regularly which I'm sure disqualifies me from winning any whole30 awards, but it keeps me sane so screw it.

My sister's wedding was Friday & I drank a coffee to get amped up & just drank seltzer & had a great time. I'm looking forward to drinking again but I can certainly donate 4 weekends to the cause.

I wouldn't use any opiate painkillers as a crutch as they are hugely habit forming. The headaches will go away soon, definitely google or look for headache as a topic on this forum.

I absolutely gets better soon. I'm feeling great. I woke up at 6:45 Sat & Sun. So much energy & time. I've lost 9 lbs (out of a 35lb goal) in 7 days & all I do is lightly jog & walk. This works.

I'm gonna go find the 10/6 forum as I intended before stumbling onto your post but feel free to reply and let me know how you're doing.


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Thanks DJ.  You men and your ability to lose 7 pounds in a week!!!  I think the headaches are starting to subside and I am definitely not as "hangry" as I was a few days ago.  So you don't think it is a big deal to smoke weed on this program?  I only ask because prior to last Friday I was a regular drinker and weed smoker, but I haven't used either.  


Hmmm, something to think about.  I really appreciate the support and the information.


Keep it up :)

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My personal opinion is that smoking is ok unless it makes you devour food.  The things I usually eat when high (cookies, m&m's) are off limits anyway and I don't crave kale when I smoke so it's not an issue.  As far as it being counted as a toxin or impurity, I see that and I'd certainly leave it out if you can.  The program is all about feeling your own body/mind in it's natural state so if you can use this to prove to yourself you don't need to smoke every day, I think there's value in that.  For me it just happens to be the thing keeping me from drinking/going crazy.  So it's a lesser of two evils kinda deal.


I feel lucky to have lost 9 pounds in 9 days but now I feel that I have to step it up with exercise to keep that trend going.  I can feel more jump in my step from weighing less and having more energy (never being hungover).


I like the word 'Hangry' 


Also ...I wonder if there's a forum topic on smoking weed?  I'm gonna check that out.


Good luck & stay strong!

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Okay...I'm on Day 6 and I think I can do this :)  I'm not cranky and oddly not hungry or snacking like crazy.  As a life long "snacker", my cravings have gone away but I do notice I am hungry for my meals when they roll around.


The one side effect I don't like are these very vivid dreams.  Has anyone else had vivid dreams?



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