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Hello all, I'm onto day 2 my whole30. I like to think of this as a cleanse.
I struggled last night. On day 1...wow. I felt so helpless. I had a burger, no bun, with tomato, onion and a romaine lettuce wrap. Side of baked potato. My husband followed suite, for the most part. He had cheese and bbq on his. For support, he's offered to go along with most of it. It helps.
While we were lying in bed watching tv, he told me he doesn't think I should give up. He knows I can do this. That may have just been what I needed. A friend at the gym is excited for me. She's done it once, and has offered to help me with recipes.
I can do this. Mentally it will be hard. But it'll get better. Right? Right.

Just felt like sharing some thoughts. I'm going to need all the support I can get to make it through this. But hey, I'll be done in time for thanksgiving. At least then I'll be able to have some goodies.  :)

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Today, October 15, is my day three.  So far I'm feeling pretty well about everything.  Since I've fallen behind on my postings, I'm going to play catch up...


Day #1

Pre-workout: Small handful of carrots

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 piece of bacon

Snack: Carrots

Lunch: Sauteed chicken with bell peppers,onions, and a little salt for flavor.

Snack: Handful of pistachios, apple

Dinner: Hamburger patty, romaine lettuce wrap, tomato, whole30 mayo, 1/2 baked potato


Day #2

Pre-workout: few carrots, some blueberries

Breakfast: 4 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon (so much food!  :o  But I felt full so much longer than usual!)

Lunch: homemade squash and zucchini soup

Snack: Handful of grapes

Dinner: Sirloin steak, zucchini and squash sauteed in coconut oil.

"Dessert": Half a handful of pistachios, as I was still feeling a little hungry, but I just didn't give dinner a chance to set in all the way!   ^_^

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So last night I discussed the program again with my husband, and I'm really glad that he is supportive of me doing this whole30.  I'm going to miss having a drink in the afternoons, but at least I can still have my coffee and I've been drinking caffeine free tea at night.


Day #3

Pre-workout: Few carrots, I wasn't feeling very hungry this morning.

Breakfast: 4 eggs, with spinach, tomato, onions, and homemade salsa.

Lunch: Sauteed chicken with bell peppers, onions, salt, pepper

Snack: Pistachios, grapes, carrots (various times in afternoon)

Dinner: Sauteed chicken with bell peppers, onions, salt, pepper, 1/4 of baked potato

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Onto day #4.  I feel pretty good today, despite a few things.


Breakfast: 4 eggs, with spinach, tomato, onion, homemade salsa

Lunch: Small portion of chicken with veggies (not feeling very hungry)

Snack: Grapes, pistachios

Dinner: Tomato and Butternut squash soup (http://onceamonthmeals.com/paleo-tomato-and-butternut-squash-soup/)


I had a small glass of wine last night.  Once I poured it, I wasn't really sure I wanted it though.  Had a sip or two.  Didn't finish the rest of the glass.

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