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1st Ever Whole30, Mom & Daughter


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Let's keep this simple.

My mom and I both started eating paleo back in March of 2011.  The change was great with weight loss, better energy, etc.  Somewhere along the way, one cheat meal lead to a cheat day, to a cheat week…  Before I knew it I had gained all the weight back that I'd lost.  I was once again lethargic, not sleeping well, and unhappy with where I found myself.

Fast forward to September 2014.  I found myself eating much better than I had in quite awhile, and then I went on vacation, and blew the heck out of that!  Now, even when I was "cheating" I secretly wanted broccoli or something healthier.  It was time.

So now, here I am starting my first ever Whole30, with my mom in tow, who kinda shares the same story as me.


Day 1:

Woke up and realized I had no eggs.  UGH!!!  So I had a large cup of coffee and got distracted & forgot to eat breakfast.  Ha!  Way to go!

For lunch I had leftover butternut squash lasagna (from Health Bent) and spinach from the nite before.


For dinner, a medium salad with oil & vinegar and more of the leftover lasagna.

Evening snack of jerky & almonds because I was hungry!

However, I've bought eggs for breakfast and put a smokey roast in the crockpot (from Everyday Paleo) to cook overnight for lunch and dinner tomorrow!

Now, off to bed & hopefully sleep for 8 tonight.

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Day 2:

spicy/hot pork sausage (from burgundy pasture beef) and eggs for breakfast.

smokey roast and spinach for lunch.

larabar for snack.


smokey roast and asparagus for dinner.

7 hours of sleep last nite. aiming for 8 again tonight.

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Days 3 thru 7:

Went about the same as above.

Started getting a cold/allergy attacks on day 6 thru 8.


Days 8-10:

About the same & feeling better from allergies.


Day 11:

Breakfast - sausage and eggs

Lunch - meatloaf


Dinner - beef & chorizo burger (no bun) with pico, avocado, bacon, and fried egg & potatoes

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