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Maja is going Whole 30


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I woke up this morning, determined today is the day.  I've attempted the whole 30 a few times now, unsuccessfully, so this time, my inner voice is is yelling out "this time you're going to crush it".  


For me, being food compliant is a piece of cake, my main derailer is alcohol.  I have a busy (fun) job that involves quite a bit of socialising over glasses of bubbles, vino and cocktails.  Likewise, my personal life involves plenty of dinner parties, boozy long lunches, girlie catch ups all activities which don't exactly offer a helping hand when one is trying to complete a whole 30.  And it's never the "right time" either, there is always some lunch, some celebration, so I've decided that today is the day.  Simone De Beauvoir said "change your life today.  Don't gamble on the future.  Act now.  Without delay" so exactly what I'm doing.


To  keep me on track and accountable I've decided to document the next 30 days (something which I haven't done before). And I'm open to other members holding me to account too.  :D


Soooo, day 1: and I'm feeling "foggy and drained" wonder if that's anything to do with the gorgeous pinot noir, gorgonzola and walnut oat crackers that I polished off last night....oh well that was yesterday today is a new day and I'm ready to make the next 30 days count.  


You get what you focus on. So focus on what you want. Boom!




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