I am starting today! October 20th! I'm so excited!


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Hi there, I'm Jess from Mexico, I'm 28 years old and this will be my first whole 30 round ever. Well, it took me some days of preparation, read the whole program rules, make shopping lists, getting rid of all bad food, and my best friend's wedding has already passed, so no really important events coming than can screw my whole30. I am ready. I am more than ready and I'll stay commited to this new challenge and lifestyle. I am really looking forward to seeing the fabulous changes you all talk about! Yay!

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Thanks guys. Good luck to all of you too. Let's keep us updated. I have been doing great, no sugar in my coffee, cant believe i am doing that, I used to put a lot of sugar in my coffee and milk or cream, but you know what, coffee tastes much better plain, just black, i like it. I am also feeling less bloated. Hbombdiggity71 how much time did u wait between one program and the other one? Did you start a second round right after having finished the first one? Did your cravings from sugar dissapear? Or you went back to eating bread, sugar after the first round? What major chances did you notice in your first round.

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I also started on October 20th. Hbombdiggity71, it took me six months to jump on the bandwagon. I didn't want to give up my morning latte or my carbs. 

Howeer in two short days my carb craving is gone The impetus for my Whole30 is tummy troubles. My hope is that by the time I'm through my terrible stomach pain and heartburn will be gone forever. I'm definitely a carb/sugar freak, but totally willing to give it all up for a painfree life and no medication.

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Hi Jess_Ar.  I started on the 20th too.  Good luck to you and everyone else who's starting at the same time.  My first few days have been pretty good.  I haven't really been tempted to get off course although I noticed I was kind of cranky the past couple of days.  Today I feel much better.


Malora - I have heartburn issues too and I'm hoping to cure those as well.  Or at least make them more manageable.  Good luck to you!

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Jess - My first W30 was Aug 11 to Sept 10 with reintroduction going through Sept 19.  I lost 22 lbs.  I slow rolled it off the program at first but by the beginning of Oct I wasn't eating very well.  I went on vacation Oct 8 and was feeling like I needed to get back on W30.  Towards the end of my eating free-for-all I was craving sugar again especially ice cream which is something I never really ate that much of before W30.  So I started my second 10 weeks after my first.


I did not have any cravings for sugar while doing W30.  I also did not have any of the typical phases/reactions during my first W30.  During my first W30 I had more energy right away and by the third week felt freakin' fantastic.  I think this way of eating is going to be something I do about 90% of the time in order to feel "good".  I'm hoping to lose at least half as much on this W30 as I did on the first one.  I felt more energy almost immediately.  I had more bounce in my step on day 2 and have already been sleeping better.

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Day 4! Woo to the hoo! How ya guys doing? I'm looking forward to doing some major shopping/cooking this weekend. I did have yummy spaghetti last night with squash but it was a real treat becasue I had gotten very afraid of eating tomato sauce do to Lyn Genet The Plan (*she says this food is highly reactive to many peopl and causes weight gain) but since I have decided to just go with whole 30 and leave the obessive tendencies from LG behind, it feels very freeing. Whole 30 is actually a LOT less restrictive than LG so the food part is easy. 


I too have been sleeping like a log...that part is nice and very vivid dreams...weird. 


The not drinking part? Not so easy. I am already mentally prepping for tomorrow and Sat and Sun (lol) but I know that once I make it throught his weekend, my resolve will be much stronger. I am fully committed so not going to give in. I really want to prove to myself that I can do this much more that I want that glass of wine. I will treat myself to a very nice bottle at the end....

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Hi guys, thanks for replying. We are on day ten, am I right? And it hasn't been easy, but I love the changes I am experiencing. First of all, my jeans fit perfectly, they were a bit tight last week, but today, wow, same with other clothes I have. I might have lost some pounds by now i think. I am also sleeping better, I sleep a lot and like a baby lol. I like that part. It is easier to wake up, no alarm clock needed. I am dreaming a lot, sometimes i dream i am eating pizza or chips, that is weird cuz i am not a pizza fan, anyways. I had an anxiety attack yesterday, I suffer from depression, my boyfriend and I broke up after two years, and I was feeling terrible. I thought of having some drink, a beer or something, and i thought of eating chocolate and just pigging out, that is what i would do if i wasnt in whole 30. But instead of that, i went to sleep early, today i m feeling more calm, i am glad i didnt give up, and i stuck to the plan. I am not going to give up on this whole 30 journey. What about you guys? How is it going?

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Here's my Day 31 recap. I started on 10/20 as well.


Insomnia - Resolved
Lower back pain upon waking - 60% resolved but not totally gone.
Haven't worked out in 2.5 mos. -Started Pilates 2x/week at the same time as starting Whole 30.
Exercise induced asthma - Unknown, I haven't tried cardio.
Occasional small acne break outs - Resolved
Lactose Intolerant (milk, ice cream give me issues) but I eat cheese. - Unknown, more than likely still an issue.
Bad habit of going to bed late and waking up late. - Unresolved. This may be my next 30 day experiment.
Measurement Results
Weight -6.3 lbs
Body Fat % -3.1%
Upper Chest -3/4"
Bust -1"
Waist (under bust) -2 1/4"
Midriff (Belly Button) -1 1/4"
Upper Midriff (2" above Belly Button) -2"
Lower Hip (widest) -1 1/2"
Upper Thigh (12" above kneecap) -2 1/4"
Mid Thigh (6" above kneecap) -1 3/4"
Calf -1/2"
Neck -1/4"
Upper Arm -1/2"
Forearm -1/4"
Wrist -1/4"
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