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Goodbye for now whole30 forum!

Guest WholeStanley

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Guest WholeStanley

This forum has been a god send for me during my initial whole30 and for my time after - however it's become a bit of an addiction and I spend waaaay to much procrastinating on it, especially when I should be working! So I think I'm going to have to shut down my account for now - however if people still wanna make sure I'm staying on track/get some ideas for meals I will be using my instagram to share meals and keep myself accountable....my new motto is if I wouldn't wanna snap it then I'm not eating it (yes I'm talking to you left-over dried up bread and butter pudding straight from the fridge!)


So yes if anyone wants to swing by I'm wholestanley on instagram - thanks everyone for their tips, stories and input up till now, all very helpful and much appreciated!

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